Steve-O mangled by Chuck Liddell in strange quest for cauliflower ear

Former Jackass star Steve-O is currently on a “Bucket List Tour” where he’s traveling around doing comedy and also apparently filming himself as he checks certain things off his bucket list. It seems one of those things on his bucket list was to get cauliflower ear. For this he needed some help and enlisted the … Read more

Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz convinces Eddie Bravo that Joe Rogan is in the CIA

Comedian extraordinaire Joey “Coco” Diaz recently visited the Tin Foil Hat podcast hosted by Sam Tripoli. Coco relays the story of a time he had conspiracy guru Eddie Bravo convinced Joe Rogan was in the CIA. That’s hilarious, firstly, because you know for sure Eddie believed it, and secondly, because I’ve had that same thought … Read more

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Chicken Leg Song Remix (VIDEO)

The great Maurice Spears is back with more hilarity in this Jon “Bones” Jones Chicken Leg Song. Jones found out after his UFC 197 main event win over Ovince Saint Preux that he’d broken the former University of Tennessee linebacker’s arm and was quite happy to find out his chicken legs could in fact do that … Read more

Donnie Baker takes Ronda Rousey loss hard *VIDEO*

Donnie Baker is considering making some bad decisions following Ronda Rousey’s historic and devastating knockout loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 over the weekend. Donnie says he’s not giving up on Ronda though and offers the Olympic medalist training advice. Donnie says Ronda’s coach, “Edmonds”, had a terrible gameplan and asks her to “name one … Read more

Rolling Stone presents: A day (or so) in the life of Joe Rogan *VIDEO*

Joe Rogan, professional funny man, UFC color commentator and podcast host, was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone and revealed he actually worked for free when he first started with the UFC back in 2002. Rolling Stone had Rogan carry a camera around for a few days to document his daily routine and in this just released … Read more

Fool tries to one-up Marine by asking Ronda Rousey to his dart league banquet

You’ve probably heard by now that The World’s Most Dominant Athlete is going to a Marine Ball in December with a brave soldier serving our country who posted a video online asking out the UFC women’s bantamweight champ. To everyone’s surprise Ronda Rousey said yes, but Donnie Baker is not too happy about it and … Read more

34 seconds… Ronda Rousey is just too slow for this MMA coach

“My goal is to train you so these bitches tap out at the weigh-in.” -Donnie Baker Thirty-four seconds — which is the amount of time it took UFC champ Ronda Rousey to dispatch her latest victim — is just too slow for karate master Donnie Baker who has seen some holes in Rousey’s game and … Read more