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Apparently UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony “Rumble” Johnson doesn’t like it when fat ladies try to do yoga at the gym where “Rumble” is getting his swole on.  Check out how the knockout artist went off on this lady “built like a bag of dry dog food” on Facebook after she complained to management that she felt threatened by Johnson.

The post has since been deleted but not before this screen capture was taken (via Bloody Elbow):

anthony rumble johnson_yoga mat

Considering Johnson’s history with allegations of domestic violence this incident described by him understandably raises some red flags and is likely the reason it was pulled down after Johnson had time to cool off or was asked to remove it.

People are often assholes. That’s a fact. And we don’t know the full details surrounding this incident at the gym between “Rumble” and the yoga lady. But a professional MMA fighter well over 200 pounds getting aggressive with a lady doing yoga — it sounds a little absurd.

“Rumble” Johnson is 3-1 since returning to the UFC in 2014. He’s coming off a submission loss to Daniel Cormier for the vacant UFC light heavyweight championship back in May.

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