Reebok unveiled their “Fight Kit” uniforms for UFC fighters today. Let’s just say it was weird.

Sure, Reebok sponsored athletes like Paige Van Zant and Ronda Rousey are probably happy with their deals, but not everyone is.

Take a look at this…

Gilbert Melendez is the former Strikeforce lightweight champ and the number five ranked 155-pounder in the UFC right now. We have no idea who GIBLERT Melendez is…

That surely can’t breed confidence that you’ll be taken care of.

And Reebok should have probably read this, before they did this…

Maybe you’ve heard of a little guy named Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. He’s the number two ranked middleweight in the UFC and is one of the most dangerous submission artists on the planet. But his nickname is “Jacare”, which is Portuguese for “alligator”. Somehow Reebok has his nickname as “Ronaldo” on his new Fight Kit gear.

This one may be the worst. Reebok got former light heavyweight champ Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida and Marcio “Lyoto” Alexandre Jr.’s outfits all screwed up.

That says “Marcio” above Machida’s name in case it’s too small to read. Alexandre didn’t even get a nickname on his.

Look, there’s always wrinkles when you start a new venture like this. But with all the talk of fighters losing money in this deal already, these blatant errors can’t make the fighters feel great. Time will tell how the UFC/Reebok collaboration will play out but you want sh*t to be right when you do an unveiling. And you want the fighters’ signature products to be correct because that shows they are important to you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new uniforms in the comments section below.

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