wwe raw logoDean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will battle Kane and Seth Rollins tonight in a No Disqualification match. Ryback will certainly be looking for payback on Big Show. Will Bray Wyatt interfere with Roman Reigns’ participation in tonight’s No DQ tag team match? Summer Rae sure seems to be cozying up to Rusev, will they become the next power couple? John Cena and NXT champ Kevin Owens are due for a showdown at Battleground, but will tensions explode between the two before then? Tune into PMN’s live coverage of Monday Night Raw for all this and more. The show kicks off at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT).

* Seth Rollins, Kane and J&J Security open the show. Rollins gives them all three brand new Apple Watches. He also has a special present for Kane, a vacation to Hawaii. Rollins then announces their tag team No DQ main event. Rollins also gives J&J a 2015 Cadillac so they can “ride in style” now.

* Big Show vs. Mark Henry — Big Show with the KO punch for the finish. Ryback then comes in and works Big Show over, but Miz ambushes Ryback with a boot to the face. These two were supposed to face off later tonight but Ryback wants Miz now.

* Ryback vs. Miz — Ryback wins by count out when Miz takes off after getting thrown out of the ring.

* Paige vs. Alicia Fox — The Bellas distract Paige and Alicia rolls her up, but Paige rolls her on over for the pin.

* John Cena vs. Cesaro — Cena’s U.S. Title on the line in this open challenge. Kevin Owens was originally going to take on Cena but stops before he enters the ring and says, “On second thought I think I’ll just wait until July 19 for Battleground.” He then introduces Cesaro to take on Cena. As Cesaro is about to tap Cena out with a Sharpshooter, Owens attacks Cesaro with a pop-up power bomb causing the DQ. He then attacks Cena with a pop-up power bomb as well. Owens lets it be known if anyone is going to take Cena’s title it will be him.

* Bray Wyatt delivers a new message for Roman Reigns.

* Lucha Dragons, Prime Time Players vs. New Day, Bo Dallas — Titus O’Neil catches Kofi Kingston in mid-air off the ropes and slams him for the finish.

* Dolph Ziggler and Lana come out to announce themselves as an official couple. Rusev (still using one crutch) comes out with Summer Rae. Rusev starts bad mouthing Lana and Ziggler takes up for her. Then Summer Rae bad mouths her and slaps her. Lana attacks Summer Rae but Rusev helps her escape.

* Neville vs. Sheamus — Sheamus finishes Neville with a Brogue Kick.

* King Barrett vs. Jack Swagger — Swagger runs into Barrett’s Royal Bulhammer and it lays him out. Barrett with the pin.

* Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, Kane (No DQ Match) — Reigns cleans house with Superman punches on Kane, Rollins and J&J. But Bray Wyatt appears and takes Reigns out, slamming him on the announce table and leaving him on the arena floor. Ambrose is left to fend against Kane and Rollins. Rollins finishes Ambrose with a Pedigree. They whip up on Ambrose and Reigns some more after the match, finishing Reigns off with a Pedigree as well. Wyatt then comes in to pick the bones and hits Reigns with a Sister Abigail to end the show.

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