If you hate sharks DON’T click this to see pic and video

I hate sharks.

I have always been afraid of sharks.

When I was a Marine in Hawaii I swam inadvertently with a group of hammerheads while I was launching off Zodiac Milpro boats at top speed near where they filmed Gilligan’s Island. I surfed with tiger sharks that were 5-7 ft in length, but the lifeguards never cleared the beach for “that small of a shark”. WTF?! I kicked a shark in the face at Hanauma Bay when I crossed over the rock reef separating the predators from the tourists feeding fish in chest deep water. The point is I have been in the water more than a few times with maneaters and thanks to JAWS I hate great whites the most.

So this picture below is mortifying. Terrifying. Horrifying. It is proof to the theories that a megalodon shark almost certainly once existed. It is a 20+ foot feeding machine king, king of the ocean, bad ass mofo now named “Deep Blue”. It was taken nearĀ Guadalupe, which is located 165 miles west of Ensenada, in Baja California.



Check out this moron smacking the shark in the video below.

I have always wondered what kind of an idiot would willingly offer themselves up as food? Didn’t they see Jaws III? This shark has been featured on many shark sites, Discovery Channel, and various other outlets, but this is the latest and best footage of the monster predator. I cannot swim in the ocean ever again because of this so thank you very much to the camera crew who filmed this.

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