wwe raw logoWWE is in Pittsburgh tonight with Monday Night Raw and special guest Wiz Khalifa. Word has it that Bray Wyatt will try to summon The Undertaker’s spirit. Brock Lesnar will be in house tonight and will likely meet his upcoming WrestleMania 31 opponent Roman Reigns face to face. Will Rusev accept Curtis Axel’s challenge? Will John Cena get to perform at WrestleMania after all? Tune in to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw tonight for all this and more.

*  Raw opens with Kane, Big Show, Seth Rollins and J&J Security in the ring welcoming Randy Orton back to The Authority. Orton though tells them how he really feels about each of them one by one, then says he’s just playing around. Rollins seems to take it in stride but Kane and Big Show not so much.

* Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett — R-Truth ringside with guest commentary. Bryan finishes Barrett with a flying knee to the face coming off the ropes, then the pin. Barrett attacks Bryan with a Bullhammer elbow from behind after the bell. Dean Ambrose flattens Barrett with a clothesline as Barrett is heading backstage.

* Dean Ambrose vs. Stardust — R-Truth still on commentary. Ambrose finishes Stardust with a Dirty Deeds. Ambrose takes the Intercontinental belt that Stardust stole from Barrett last week. Barrett rushes out to reclaim it, but Daniel Bryan, Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler all come out as well. Barrett is left standing in the ring goes after R-Truth who took the belt while they were all in the ring. R-Truth ends up giving Barrett his belt back, but it’s a fake and Truth keeps the real one.

* After seeing a promo video from Roman Reigns about his upcoming WrestleMania 31 title match versus Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman introduces The Conqueror. Heyman makes reference to Lesnar possibly unifying the UFC and WWE titles and they cut his mic off briefly. Heyman also says he could go take out Mayweather and Pacquiao if he chooses to. Heyman delivers his promo with Lesnar at his side. No response from Reigns.

* Kane, Big Show vs. Ryback, Erick Rowan — A misplaced KO punch from Big Show to Kane allow Rowan to pin Kane. Big Show and Kane exchange words afterward and Stephanie McMahon comes out to give them an ear full, tells them to get out of her ring and sends them home.

* Miz tell Wiz Khalifa about his idea for a rap collaboration but Wiz tells him he and Mizdow (aka Wizdow) are already working together. This infuriates Miz and he storms off.

* Wiz Khalifa performs for his hometown Pittsburgh audience.

* AJ Lee (with Paige) vs. Summer Rae (with Eva Marie, Cameron) — AJ Lee taps her out with a Black Widow.

* We see a promo video from Sting about his upcoming WrestleMania 31 match with HHH.

* Backstage John Cena tries to goad Rusev into a rematch at Wrestlemania. Rusev doesn’t bite.

* Rusev vs. Curtis Axel — Rusev submits him quickly with an Accolade. No surprise there.

* John Cena comes in after Rusev calls him out. Cena chokes him unconscious with an STF. Cena pours water on him to wake him up then he causes Rusev to tap out to the STF next. Cena doesn’t let go until Lana declares they’ll give him the title rematch at WrestleMania.

* New Day vs. Tyson Kidd, Cesaro (with Naomi) — A distraction from Naomi and Cesaro allow Xavier Woods to pin Kidd. The Usos with Naomi come out as Naomi sets to take on Nattie.

* Naomi vs. Natalya — The Usos get into it with Kidd and Cesaro outside the ring. Meanwhile inside Naomi ends Nattie with a Rear View.

* The Usos vs. Los Matadores — Torino distracts Usos and this allows Los Matadores to roll Uso up for the pin.

* Bray Wyatt summons The Undertaker’s soul through his urn, which is originally empty, but exudes a plume of smoke. Lighting strikes Bray’s rocking chair in the center of the ring and it goes up in flames as Wyatt watches on laughing hysterically. The voice of The Undertaker comes over the loud speakers an Wyatt will get his match with Undertaker at WrestleMania 31.

* Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins, Randy Orton (handicap match) — J&J Security in tow and they end up arguing with Orton who decks one of them. Rollins sends them away. After some brawling between Rollins and Reigns and both laid out on the canvas Rollins goes to tag Orton who then takes away his hand to prevent Rollins from tagging out. This allows Reigns to hit Rollins with the Spear and pin. After the match Orton works over Rollins saying, “You remember what you did to me?” He takes him outside the ring and continuously slams him into the steel steps and announce table. Orton asks if he thinks he’d be so stupid to join the Authority again. Orton smashes Rollins badly outside the ring with a folding chair as he crawls up and down the aisle between the fans. Orton finishes him off with an RKO on the announce table, shattering it, much to the pleasure of those in attendance.


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