EPIC WIN: Brazilian women seduce guards, 28 escape prison!


Twenty-eight mostly hot inmates escaped from a now in serious trouble Brazilian jail after three reportedly “stunning” women in fantasy police costumes, epic win, seduced prison wardens.


Get this, Police found three, count them 3 wardens naked and handcuffed inside the Nova Mutum public jail, near Cuiaba, central Brazil, on the morning that the 28 women said “C ya”. Imagine being one of those dudes. Your boss walks in to see #1 and #2 all over the floor since they were unable to make it to the restroom, and you along with 2 other soon to be fired employees are buck naked staring at each others junk. Not a good sight.

The women reportedly drugged the prison guards by giving them spiked whisky, well played, shortly after easily convincing them to take part in an orgy, according to the probably laughing investigators. First, I would have ended up on the floor naked and handcuffed let’s be honest. Second, talk about literally taking one, or three for the team…those women better have gotten paid in advance.

Unreal. The inmates then left the prison through the freaking main doors and they took guns and munitions they stole from prison caches.

Police later found a bag of lingerie and dominatrix police uniforms believed to have been worn by the women. Guarantee that evidence will end up somewhere it is not supposed to be. Just saying.

We here at PMN would like to give special awards to the geniuses behind one of the best prison escapes in years in one of our favorite countries. No shots were fired during the escape, just people. At least they got some action before their dismissal.

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