StoneCOldOn this week’s episode of The Steve Austin Show podcast “Stone Cold” played his entire interview with Vince McMahon that was teased on RAW last week, and also offered up his thoughts on CM Punk signing with the UFC. Stone Cold previously thought Punk and Vince may be able to work things out, but that appears not to be the case now. … Although, Brock Lesnar did eventually return to the WWE and there’s no reason Punk couldn’t do the same one day once he finds out what it’s really like to fight a pro MMA fighter once he’s had enough of real fighting.

Stone Cold’s words:

“I think he [Punk] rolls with some [MMA] guys and it’s a very big passion of his. I wish him all the luck in the world, and I know they’ll do a hell of a big buyrate.”

“Match him up with someone his skill level, it’s hard to gauge what his skill level is though.”

“I talked about maybe bridging the gap with CM Punk and Vince, and then he goes and does the deal with UFC. It would appear to me that they’re way further apart than I thought they were. I knew things were bad and I hadn’t talked to CM Punk, so it’s going to be interesting.”

Austin knows, if nothing else, Punk is going to help the UFC’s slacking PPV numbers. But if they really want to make the most out of signing Punk, they’re going to need to build him up slowly. Scott Coker would know what to do with Punk, I guarantee that.

What are your thoughts on seeing CM Punk inside the Octagon? Will he sink or swim?

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