WWE Monday Night Raw takes place tonight, Sept. 22, 2014, from Memphis, Tenn. Stick with us here at www.prommanow.com as we provide live results and updates.

Dean Ambrose starts the show in the center of the ring saying, “I’m not dead. Far from it, in fact, the WWE’s ugly stepchild is back.” This is despite getting curb stomped on cinder blocks by Seth Rollins a few weeks back. John Cena, who also has beef with Rollins after last night’s Night of Champions, comes out to confront Ambrose, saying no one is getting in the way of him paying back Rollins. They get ready to throw down when Triple H, Steph, Rollins and Randy Orton all come out together.

HHH says Rollins is not fighting either of them tonight and Cena says that’s okay, he’ll go after him now. A melee ensues and Rollins takes off running as Cena and Ambrose chase him down. Rollins hops in a car and takes off, leaving Ambrose on the pavement after trying to hop on the car.

When we return from commercial Triple H tells Corporate Kane he will face Ambrose tonight, and tells Orton he will face Cena. Orton tells HHH to tell Rollins to quit starting fires they have to put out.

The Miz (Mizdow) vs. Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Championship

Ziggler rematching Miz for the WWE Intercontinental Championship after losing it last night at NOC. R-Ziggler not present tonight. Ziggler doing pretty good before Miz snaps his neck over the top rope and flips Ziggler to the floor. Miz puts him back in, gets to the top rope but eats a drop kick counter in mid-air. Ziggler gets to his feet and works Miz over with a neck breaker. He then hits a DDT but can’t pin Miz. … Ziggler gets to the top rope but gets caught and slammed on the way down. Miz locks up a Figure-Four leglock, but Dolph gets to the ropes to break it up. Outside the ring now, Dolph clotheslines Miz and Mizdow. … Back in the ring Miz with a skull crusher, smashing Ziggler face first, but can’t pin him. It goes back and forth some more. Mizdow distracts Ziggler and Miz almost taps him while holding his tights, but Ziggler rolls him over grabbing Miz’s tights and he gets the pin.

WINNER: Ziggler

Bo Dallas vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger hits the bro kick, then a Swagger bomb. Dallas comes back with a neck breaker but can’t pin Swagger. Dallas works him over in the corner, but Swagger slams him face first off his shoulders then submits him with the Patriot Lock.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

After the match, Swagger’s manager, Zeb Colter, says, “I bo-lieve that Jack Swagger just made you tap out.”

Summer Rae vs. Natalya

Summer Rae looking for payback from last night’s Total Divas incident where Nattie pulled her out the car by her hair after she was talking about her husband. Summer Rae starts out strong but Natalya turns it around and is working her over good. Natalya ends up submitting Summer Rae.

WINNER: Natalya

Dean Ambrose vs. Corporate Kane

After some back and forth Kane smashes Ambrose into the steel steps outside the cage, but can’t get the pin. Kane works him over some more but gets countered with a DDT, then Ambrose hits a clothesline, takes the top turnbuckle and lands a drop kick but can’t get the pin. Kane goes for a choke slam but Ambrose counters with a Dirty Deeds, but before Ambrose can finish, Seth Rollins ambushes him. Ambrose takes care of Rollins, but this allows Kane to come back at him with a choke slam. Rollins starts to come back in against a hurt Ambrose but decides against it after Ambrose gets back up armed with a chair. Kane is already gone.

WINNER: Dean Ambrose by DQ

This is not over though as Ambrose attacks both Kane and Rollins backstage. Stephanie has him locked in a room backstage where they can keep the “loose cannon” under control.

Sheamus and The Usos vs. Gold and Stardust and Cesaro

Sheamus gives 10 Beats across the chest of Stardust and is working him over before Cesaro pulls him out of the ring and hurts him. Cesaro puts him back in the ring then smashes him from the top rope. Cesaro trying to submit him, but Sheamus gets up and fires back. Cesaro retaliates and tags Goldust, who works Sheamus over and goes for the pin, but is unable. He tags Stardust who picks up the abuse and lands a kick off the top rope, but hurts himself too. They both tag out and Jey Uso works over Goldust. Jimmy Uso comes in to help clean house. Uso comes off the top rope toward Goldust but gets countered. It turns into a melee, but Jey Uso comes off the top rope with an Uso Smash on Goldust and lands it, then gets the pin.

WINNER: Sheamus and The Usos

Mark Henry vs. Rusev

Mark Henry comes out to apologize for letting his American fans down last night at NOC. Rusev and Lana then come out to gloat. Lana tells the crowd to shut up while she’s speaking, and goes on to make fun of the Memphis, Tennessee crowd. Henry was injured last night and Rusev is working him over here. Henry is far from 100% and Rusev is taking advantage. Henry is finally able to land a big slam and Rusev crawls out the ring. Henry rolls out then pays back Rusev for last night by smashing him into the steel steps. Henry throws him back in the ring, then gets on the ropes to set up a possible finish, but Rusev pulls him off and yells at him to get up. Rusev then locks up the Accolade — the same thing he submitted him with last night. Henry passes out unconscious and the ref stops it.

WINNER: Rusev by technical submission

Adam Rose and The Bunny vs. Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil

Rose gets the pin on Slater after some crazy antics from The Bunny. Do these guys actually have fans? Slater and O’Neil look on in disbelief that they just got whooped by a Bunny.

WINNER: Adam Rose and the Bunny

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

Nikki Bella blames Brie for losing her Divas title at NOC and calls her out. Brie comes out and Nikki goes back to saying Brie has never supported her and it’s always been all about Brie.  Nikki says Brie is an embarrassment to the name “Bella” and she deserves to be called “Nikki’s trashy sister” and a “quitter”. Nikki wants to be known as “The Nikki Bella” and wants Brie to give up the Bella name. She wants to know why Brie isn’t taking Daniel Bryan’s last name and she must be having buyer’s remorse for marrying an ugly broken down troll. Brie slaps her down then goes for an S-lock before Nikki escapes the ring. AJ Lee, the new Divas champ, comes out at this point. Paige is doing guest commentary.

The match starts and AJ and Nikki start going at it. After some back and forth it goes outside the ring and Nikki throws AJ into Paige. This upsets Paige even more, who is already upset at losing the title and her friend AJ. Nikki continues to work AJ over in the ring and almost submits her with an armbar. AJ ends up catching Nikki in a Black Widow for the submission and keeps her title. Paige is happy at this and wants the next shot.

WINNER: AJ Lee by submission

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton comes out with Seth Rollins and Kane at ring side. There appears to be a “mystery box” ring side as well that Rollins brought out — maybe some cinder blocks possibly? John Cena then enters and they get to it. Orton starts strong but Cena starts to turn it around before eating a kick to the face coming off the ropes. Cena ends up flying out of the ring after missing Orton coming off the ropes. Orton slams him into the steel steps then slams Cena on the announcers table. Orton throws him back onto the apron but gets tossed over the ropes by Cena onto the floor. Orton crawls back into the ring and they exchange punches before Orton lands a backbreaker. Orton gives him an Irish Whip to the turnbuckle, but can’t get the pin. Orton eventually goes for a sleeper but Cena escapes and counters. Orton then counters with a power slam and it goes back and forth until Orton lifts Cena up on the top rope looking for the slam. Cena then headbutts him but slips and gets hung up in the ropes. Orton then sends him head first to the canvas with a DDT from the top ropes, but somehow Cena kicks out of the pin attempt. Orton attempts the RKO, but Cena counters and goes for the STF submission but Rollins and Kane ambush Cena causing the DQ. Cena starts fighting back but gets Soul Slammed by Kane. Now they take him out of the ring and uncover what is supposed to be cinder blocks but it’s really Dean Ambrose and he starts attacking Rollins, Orton and Kane, whipping them all. Ambrose throws Rollins in the ring and clotheslines him, then Cena comes in and slams Kane, and Orton, Rollins and Kane all retreat.

WINNER: John Cena by DQ



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