Fan jumps barrier to get to John Cena after RAW – and he’s a dude

john cena headshot

A male fan reportedly got excited last night and hopped the barrier at ringside after Monday’s WWE RAW in Memphis. The fan was apparently trying to get to John Cena while he was making his post match rounds, greeting fans after the show went off the air.

Reports say it appeared the fan was trying to get to Cena to hug him, not attack him. WWE security immediately tackled him and carried him to the back.

Cena was just about ten steps away from where the fan leaped over the barrier before running over to give the man a high-five as he was being taken away by security. Cena then returned to greeting the other fans at ringside and signing autographs.

This isn’t the first time fans have tried to get to John Cena. In 2008 a fan jumped over the barricade before getting pulverized by security. In 2010 a fan swung at Cena and then got smashed by security. In 2012 John narrowly missed getting tackled by a woman and you guessed it, she got crushed by security.

Things like this are a common occurrence for the most popular WWE superstar in the world. Even guys like Randy Orton, a bad guy have people trying to get a hold of them when they pass ringside. CM Punk and Orton both had fans try and grab them, hit them, and hug them. Punk infamously smacked one after getting pushed.

Here in this video a fan supposedly sneaks in and hits Orton in the sisters from behind before getting pummeled by security, and then kicked by Orton himself.

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