Watch Dean Ambrose take American History X style curb stomp, reportedly “missing”


Following the American History X Curb Stomp on to concrete from Seth Rollins on Monday’s RAW, Dean Ambrose refused medical treatment, according to a new WWE storyline article on their website.

WWE says Ambrose suffered extensive head and spine trauma, which are their typical storyline reported injuries. They also stated that Ambrose is missing after escaping from WWE trainers in a fit of rage. WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann particpates in a lot of WWE angles when it comes to storyline bumps and bruises. He is also a part of the “official report” concerning Ambrose.

“As you saw during the match with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, toward the end of the match, Dean had sustained what we thought was pretty significant head and cervical spine trauma, so as a precaution we immobilized his neck, placed him on a stretcher and removed him from the ring area and brought him backstage. At the time of bringing him backstage, he was responsive and was refusing transport to a local medical facility for further evaluation. He had removed the straps and surgical collar, said he refused to go and we haven’t seen him since.”

Dean Ambrose is potentially WWE’s most popular underdog and fastest rising star. His character is organic and unpredictable, which is what the WWE sorely needs right now. He recently lost to Seth Rollins at Summerslam in what many are calling the greatest lumberjack mach of all time. Hopefully they can keep his momentum going and give the fans what they want, which is Ambrose in the spotlight.

Ambrose getting curb stomped at the end of his match with Seth Rollins on RAW:

Ambrose getting carted off by medical staff: