Stick with us tonight as we live blog Friday Night Smack Down (9/19/14) on SyFy, and we will post video highlights from the show as they become available.

Usos vs. Gold and Stardust

Usos will defend their tag team title against these two on Sunday at Night of Champions in Nashville. Getting a little preview here. Jimmy Uso knocks out Stardust with a back kick to the chin, then pins his limp body. Goldust tries to blindside the brothers after the win and he gets KO’d as well. Will the Usos hold on to their title Sunday night?

Winner: Usos

Miz, Damien Mizdow, Cesaro vs. Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, R-Ziggler

Cesaro and Dolph start the match. Cesaro tries to pin Dolph after a backbreaker. He then tags Miz who works Dolph over and tries to pin him as well. Dolph counters a suplex, rolls and tries to pin Miz, then tries again after hitting him with a neckbreaker. … Miz tries to pin Dolph after hitting him off the top rope. Cesaro back in but gets flipped on his back by Dolph. Cesaro picks Dolph up over his head but as he tries to throw him Dolph grabs his neck and spikes his head into the mat. Dolph tags Sheamus and Cesaro tags Miz. Sheamus gives him the 10 beats across the chest but is unable to pin him, instead he eats a kick to the face and Cesaro jumps in to save him from getting pinned. Mizdow takes out R-Ziggler outside the ring. … As Miz is looking for the finish against Sheamus, he gets distracted in the ring by R-Ziggler who jumps up on the apron. This allows Dolph to jump in and kick him in the face and get back out, then Sheamus kicks him in the face and gets the pin.

Winner: Sheamus, Dolph and R-Ziggler

Heath Slater vs. Adam Rose

Slater starts off strong but eats a couple feet to the face as he rushes toward Rose in the turnbuckle. Slater is able to suplex him and turn things around and go for the pin. Slater with a big slam, then gets on the ropes, jumps and meets a foot to the face. Rose rallies and lands a spinebuster. Rose looking for the finish but Titus O’Neil trips him up and he gets pinned. Then the Bunny gets involved and takes out O’Neil. This distracts Slater and Rose pins him.

Winner: Adam Rose

Big Show and Los Matadores vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan

Rowan starts out first, working over one of the Los Matadores. Rowan tags Wyatt and he suplexes Los Matadores. Harper comes in next and goes for the pin. He ends up tagging Rowan and he works over the same Los Matadores who started the fight and is yet to tag out. He flips out of a suplex and tags Big Show who comes in cleaning house, but gets taken out at his knees by Rowan who then tags in Wyatt. After Wyatt softens him up, Harper comes in to beat him down some more. He drop kicks Big Show, tags Rowan in. Wyatt gets back in, then Harper. Big Show slams Harper, he gets on the ropes and tries to land on Harper but misses. Wyatt comes back in and puts the big man in a choke. Big Show with a big slam, then tags in Los Matadores. Diego getting the best of Wyatt but gets countered mid-air off the ropes. Harper and Rowan work over the other team outside the ropes and Wyatt ends up pinning Diego.

Winner: Wyatt Family

Paige vs. Nikki Bella

AJ Lee is doing commentary ringside. Paige working her over to start but Nikki turns it around but can’t get the pin. Paige hits a Paige-turner and pins Nikki. AJ goes in to “congratulate” Paige and hand her the belt. But as per usual AJ caresses the belt first. Nikki comes in, takes the belt and smacks them both down, holding the belt up and exiting the ring.

Winner: Paige

Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas

Dallas pins Swagger. He then takes the mic and says that Jack has lost his swagger and says he’s going to end up like his buddy Zeb Colter. Dallas said Colter was caught stealing three packs of sugar from the store – implying he’s a cheapskate. Dalls is about to tell Swagger all he has to do is Bo-lieve before Swagger kicks him and runs him out the ring.

Winner: Bo Dallas

>>>>> We see a long preview of the Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena rematch coming up Night of Champions on Sunday <<<<<<

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

Roman Reigns looking to finish Rusev, gets distracted by Seth Rollins, Mr. Money in the Bank, and Rusev kicks Reigns in the head and he goes down. Reigns gets up and counters Rusev with a suplex. They’re both down. Rollins gets to the top rope and jumps, hitting Rusev in the head with his briefcase. Rollins pulls Reigns out of the ring and they fight over the announcers table. Reigns dumps Rollins into the stands. Rusev wins by DQ as Reigns and Rollins disappear into the stands.

Winner: Rusev by DQ

Mark Henry comes out afterward to confront the Russian, points at the ceiling and a huge American flag drops over Rusev’s head. Henry tries to get in the ring but Rusev attacks him and beats him down. Henry gets to his feet, catches Rusev running and slams him hard. That’s all folks. Catch these two on Sunday at Night of Champions. And enjoy the highlights.

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