Paul Heyman opens tonight’s RAW broadcast standing in the ring talking about what’s to come Sunday when John Cena rematches Brock Lesnar for the WWE heavyweight title at Night of Champions on PPV. Cena interrupts Heyman’s speech and comes into the ring. He warned Heyman last week he’d be fighting him tonight at RAW if he didn’t bring Lesnar. Heyman at first pretends Lesnar is there, but then says his private plane is delayed and is own his way.

Cena grabs Heyman and says if Lesnar doesn’t show up tonight by halftime he’s going to kick Heyman’s ass.  He then personally escorts Heyman backstage in a headlock and locks him in Cena’s dressing room with Khali as guard.


Chris Jericho vs. Corporate Kane

Kane targeting the same knee Jericho injured last week in the cage match. Highlights include: Kane jumping off the top rope and getting countered by a dropkick to the nuts from Jericho. Jericho counters a choke slam with a DDT and almost gets the three-count. Kane exposed a turnbuckle but Jericho ends up using it against him to win the match.

Winner: Jericho

Jericho will face Randy Orton on Sunday at Night of Champions.


Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas

Highlights include: Bo Dallas putting several knees to the head of Swagger. Swagger makes Dallas tap out with The Patriot Lock.

Winner: Swagger


Tag Team: Paige and Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella and AJ Lee

Brie and Nikki start if off, but Brie quickly tags Paige. After some time Nikki takes out AJ so Brie has no one to tag. This allows Paige to pin Brie. Nikki attacks Brie after the match and leaves her laying in the ring.

Winner: Paige and Nikki Bella


Bray Wyatt vs. Big Show

I have a feeling Big Show is going to have his hands full with Wyatt tonight in Louisiana. Big Show starts off strong having his way with Wyatt. Wyatt starts turning the momentum and lands a big DDT. Big Show catches Wyatt by the throat as he comes off the top rope and slams him. Wyatt’s sidekicks, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan come in to help him, which gets him disqualified. Big Show ends up grabbing both of them for a double choke slam as Wyatt sits in his rocking chair laughing.

Winner: Big Show by disqualification


Six-man Tag Team: Usos and Sheamus vs. Cesaro, Gold and Stardust

Cesaro putting the hurt on Jimmy Uso; jumps up and lands with both feet on his chest, then suplexes him. Cesar taunting Sheamus throughout the match while they prevent the Usos from tagging him in. Finally Sheamus tags in and cleans house. Usos come back in and finish the job.

Winner: Sheamus and Usos


John Cena brings Paul Heyman back to the ring and says either produce Brock Lesnar or he’s about to lose his teeth. Heyman starts saying this is the dark side he’s been telling Cena he needs to bring out. He needs to bring out the beast inside to beat the Beast Incarnate. Heyman trying to get him to turn heel, telling Cena to hit him and let it out. Heyman says Cena’s code of “hustle, loyalty and respect” will prevent him from  taking his frustration out on him and will also prevent him from beating Lesnar. The crowd wants it but Cena says he’s not going to do it, he just thought this would get Lesnar to show up. Heyman continues to goad him and Cena finally knocks him out of the ring. And guess who shows up…

Brock Lesnar comes out looking pissed… and wearing the Heavyweight belt. Lesnar circles the ring and gets Heyman out of harm’s way, then removes the belt. Lesnar acts like he’s going to walk out but Cena calls him on and Lesnar accepts. He comes in the ring and gives Cena a German suplex right off the bat, just like at Summer Slam. Cena is left outside the ring, but comes up behind Lesnar and takes him out of the ring and is landing punches from on top. WWE personnel break it up and hold Cena back as Lesnar and Heyman exit. Cena got the best of that one and they’re saying Cena may have broken Lesnar’s nose.

We’ll have to wait until Sunday at Night of Champions for the real rematch.


Cameron vs. Naomi

Naomi is upset because Cameron is going to NXT and she blames her for breaking up their tag team, the Funkadactyls. Cameron is doing very well but Naomi ends up making her tap out.

Winner: Naomi


Tag Team: Dolph Ziggler and R-Ziggler vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow

Mizdow is holding Dolph as Miz runs toward him, Dolph ducks and Miz hits his stunt double. Dolph then attacks Miz with a Zig Zag and gets the finish. These two will meet one on one Sunday at Night of Champions.

Winner: Dolph and R-Ziggler


Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

Reigns getting the better of Rollins, knocks him over the top rope, then introduces his head to the steel steps and the announcers table. He continues to batter him before Rollins dives through the ropes knocking Reigns to the floor. Brings him back in to go for the pin but Reigns kicks out. Reigns gives him a big knee drop and goes for his own unsuccessful pin. Reigns lands a big Superman punch. Rollins with a side kick to the jaw that looked brutal. … Rollins picks Reign up and runs him into the turnbuckle. Rollins then lands some nice kicks, throws Reigns to the ropes, misses a curb stomp as Reigns dives in and slams him to the mat and gets the pin.

Winner: Roman Reigns


Mark Henry and Rusev get into it as Henry begins reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Rusev tries to lock him up in the Accolade, but Henry escapes and slams the Russian, throws him out of the ring, then waves the American flag. Watch these two battle it out Sunday at Night of Champoins. ProMMAnow.com will provide live updates Sunday night so join us.


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