RAWChris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

From on location in Baltimore, Md., the season premiere of WWE Monday Night Raw opened up with a cage match between Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt. Jericho leapt off the top of the cage and landed on Wyatt, but hurt his knee in the process. Wyatt was able to catch Jericho before he escaped the open door, punish his already hurt leg and reach the floor to win the match. Wyatt then went back in to punish Jericho some more.

After the match and later in the show, Jericho is getting his knee examined backstage and Randy Orton comes in and attacks him.


In lieu of the recent celebrity hacking scandal involving the cloud, Dolph Zigler informs the crowd he has acquired some compromising photos of The Miz. Miz comes out to confront Zigler as the photos are being displayed — one showing Miz’s pixelated bum.


Tag Team: Natalya and Rosa Mendes vs. AJ Lee and Paige

AJ taps Rosa out with the Black Widow.


John Cena comes out to confront Paul Heyman as he’s spouting off about Cena on behalf of his client, Brock Lesnar, who is absent. Heyman tells Cena the way to beat Lesnar is to “give in to temptation”, or in effect, embrace his dark side. Heyman tries to get him to turn heel and tell the crowd who are chanting “Cena sucks” to shut up. Cena ponders it, then says, “Shut up Paul Heyman.” He refuses to turn his back on his fans and says he doesn’t want to change even if he could. He tells Heyman if he doesn’t bring Lesnar to next week’s Raw, he will be fighting him instead. They later reported Lesnar will be there next week.


Sheamus vs. Seth Rollins (Mr. Money in the Bank)

Sheamus knocks Rollins out of the ring and this brings his upcoming opponent, Cesaro, out to watch at ringside to “scout” the U.S. champion.  Cesaro picks up Sheamus’ belt during the match to distract him. Rollins takes advantage and curb stomps Sheamus, then taps him out for the win. Cesaro puts the belt down then comes into the ring to take advantage of the situation, and slams Sheamus with a Neutralizer, leaving the belt laying on his back.


Tag Team: Adrian Neville (NXT champion) and Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd

Neville with some very athletic moves throughout the match and finishes Breeze off with some top rope high flying acrobatics (Red Arrow). This guy has a ton of energy. Keep an eye on Adrian Neville. There’s a Fatal 4-Way Thursday night on the WWE Network where he will defend his title against Zayn, Breeze and Kidd. This match was basically a promo for that.


Stephanie McMahon introduces Jerry Springer — yes, THE Jerry Springer — to help sort out the on-going feud between the Bella Twins. Nikki and Brie come out to discuss their issues with the infamous television host. Springer brings out JJ, the Bella Twins’ younger brother, to get a different perspective. He says Nikki needs to stop acting like the victim. This brings the girls to blows and Jerry gets caught in the middle. Stephanie gets caught in it too and they all end up rolling around on the floor. Several referees come in to help break it up. Springer has to be carried out on a stretcher. Watch it all unfold below.


Tag Team: Goldust and Stardust vs. Los Matadores

Stardust finishes with a Dark Matter, making short work of Los Matadores. As they’re exiting, they are attacked by the Usos, who they will face in two weeks at Night of Champions.


Adam Rose (and The Bunny) vs. Titus O’Neil

Rose wins then the Bunny finishes him off.


Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Orton introduces Roman’s head to the steel steps that lead up to the ring and is working Orton over good. After several minutes Reigns turns the tables with a Superman punch countering Orton’s RKO finishing move. But before Reigns can take advantage, Orton calls out Seth Rollins and Corporate Kane to help bash Reigns. They lower the cage back down over the ring and things go very bad for Roman Reigns.


By Jack Bratcher


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