You can run but you can’t hide. Not from this guy. “Dog The Bounty Hunter” (Duane “Dog” Chapman) don’t play son. This is the guy who travels around the country showing bondsmen how to track down criminals who jump bail. This is what he does. He got the nickname “Dog” because he has a keen sense of smelling out where the lowest common denominator of our society hangs out and hides.

War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver) has been on the run since last Friday in connection with a domestic violence incident against ex-girlfriend Christy Mack in Las Vegas.

Dog’s first warning for War Machine to turn himself in came out late last night. As of this afternoon Koppenhaver’s final hours are ticking down.

It seems Dog is already sniffing around too:

Not much time left for the man John “Doomsday” Howard calls “Bitch Machine”:

Dog responds to some of War Machine’s pals on Twitter:

Baby Lyssa’s even getting involved:

All I know is if Dog does go after War Machine, they better film it! Catch “Dog and Beth on the Hunt” on CMT on Saturdays 9/8 CT.

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