Plus, Jones and Holm Interviews on UFC TONIGHT

LOS ANGELES, CA – On UFC TONIGHT, guest host Daniel Cormier discussed his recent brawl with Jon Jones. The team interviewed newly signed women’s bantamweight Holly Holm, plus Karyn Bryant interviewed Jon Jones about his recent altercation with Cormier. Plus, Ariel Helwani added reports.

UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Daniel Cormier on what he was thinking when he pushed Jon Jones at media day: “I figured he was trying to intimidate me. He put his head down on my head and nudged me forward and I pushed him off me. If a guy gets in your face, and makes contact, I respond. Was it the right thing to do? No. But if he did it again, I’d do the same exact thing. I believe it is mental warfare. If I allowed him to do that to me, he would have gotten a one-up on me, and I expected him to do the same thing to me.”

Cormier on what he’s expecting in the fight with Jones: “I’m searching for a guy this the equal of me in the Octagon. I want that dogfight. Hopefully, Jon will be that guy.”

Jon Jones on his altercation with Cormier: “It wasn’t one of my best moments. But I’ve apologized for it. It turned it off a lot of people, and turned on a lot of people. I’ve had a lot of interesting feedback from it. Jimmy Kimmel called me, Good Morning America called me. For the people who found it tasteless, I apologize.”

Jones on being a polarizing champion: “I’m just myself. Nobody taught me out how to be a public person. I’m living and learning. If I make mistakes, I learn.”

Jones on how he expects the fight to end: “I’m very confident in the fight. Daniel Cormier is a magnificent competitor, a great challenge. When I get those great challenges, they bring out the best in me.”

VIDEO: UFC TONIGHT breaks down Jones/Cormier Media Day Fight

UFC TONIGHT guest host Brian Stann on if fights at press events are bad for the sport: “Yes, they’re bad for the sport, but I’m more excited for the fight than ever before. But if this becomes the norm, it’s bad for the sport.”

Cormier on if the fight was bad for the sport: “I agree. This is bad for the sport, but my check book is very, very happy after the fight.”

Holly Holm on coming into the welterweight division : “It’s exciting. If you don’t want to beat the best, you shouldn’t really be in it. I just want to take one step at a time. I want to fight for the title. It’s one of my goals and dreams and I’m just going to keep shooting for it.”

Holm on recovering from her recent injury: “I’m almost 100 percent released from my doctor because of my arm. It’s coming along.”

Holm on improving her ground game: “I’ll never feel like my ground game is there. I need a lot of work. I still feel my jab needs improving.”

Holm on getting called out by numerous fighters: “It’s a lot of pressure. It’s exciting. I haven’t made it anywhere yet. I still have all the work ahead of me. But the fact that I have a target on my back, I like that. It motivates me and makes me want to train harder.”

Holm on how many fights away is she from Rousey: “I don’t know. I think I want it and I want it right away. Then I think, let’s take baby steps. I’ve never been one to choose a certain opponent. I’ll let the UFC pick. I want to take whatever is given to me and take one fight at a time.”

VIDEO: Holly Holm Interview

Cormier on who Rousey should fight next: “I want to see her fight the best fight. I believe Cat Zingano, but the bigger fight would be with Gina Carano. I want to see her fight Gina Zingano.”

Florian on who Rousey should fight next: “The most exciting fight Ronda could have is with Cyborg, but who deserves it? It’s Cat Zingano.”

UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on if Cormier and Jones will be fined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission: “I talked to the chairman of the Nevada State Athletic Commission to see if they would be doing anything. Right now, he’s waiting to hear from Nevada Attorney General to see what he says and if they want to take any action.”

Helwani on Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson: “Frankie Edgar has said he wants to fight Cub Swanson, but Cub wasn’t interested in that because he was told he’d get a title shot next. Now that Aldo-Mendes has been pushed back, he doesn’t want to wait and he’s open to the fight Edgar. Cub wants to do the fight in November or December and Frankie likes that, but I’m hearing maybe that fight will take place on October 4 in Sweden. So they both want to fight, it’s just when and where? I’m also hearing that Korean Zombie vs. Akira Corassani could be put together for that fight.”

Helwani on Ian McCall’s next fight: “Coming off the win in Dublin, Ian McCall needs hand surgery. But they’re leaning to Ian McCall against John Lineker, who wants the fight. This could be a number-one contender fight to see who faces Demetrious Johnson next, and could take place by the end of the year.”

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