White: Weidman will fight Belfort next if…

vitor-belfort-ufc152-training_prommanow.comFollowing Chris Weidman’s two stoppages of Anderson Silva and his recent win over Lyoto Machida, UFC President Dana White says the middleweight champ will take on former TRT user Vitor Belfort next… if and when he can pass the drug screen process and get cleared by the athletic commission.

From UFC.com:

White said that next up Weidman will get his wish and defend his belt against Vitor Belfort, if “The Phenom” can get cleared to fight.

“How do you not respect that too, you got to love Weidman,” White said about Weidman wanting to fight Belfort. “Anderson Silva twice, beats Machida, and now is actually calling for Vitor Belfort? That’s a fight that should happen. The champ wants it, we want it and the fans want it. Now it’s a matter of getting Vitor licensed.”

Belfort is currently ranked number two at middleweight, and has knocked out his last three opponents (Bisping, Rockhold, Henderson), winning performance bonuses for each. However, all that was done while he was on TRT. How will he perform au naturel?

We shall see… I hope.