bj penn tippy toesI saw a lot of headlines this week about BJ Penn “the icon”, BJ Penn “the legend”, ad infinitum. How about why did he fight Frankie Edgar for a third time standing straight up on his tippy toes? What was it about those first two beatings he took from Edgar that would lead him to think this strategy was a good idea?

Penn got taken down in both his previous fights with Edgar; three times in their second fight. Okay, so maybe you start the fight this time on your tippy toes if you must, but you’re not going to change your stance after the first or second takedown? That’s just weird.

Penn landed 13 significant strikes against Edgar at the TUF 19 Finale.


Edgar landed 90. He also landed 159 total strikes, compared to Penn’s 60.

It was one of the most one-sided shellacking of a legend we’ve seen in recent memory. And make no mistake, Penn is a legend. The former two-division UFC champ is like the honorary Governor of Hawaii or something.

It was smart for Penn to retire after this fight. He should have never took it. He said so himself. Why he took it exactly, we’ll never really know probably. His last two fights with Edgar were at lightweight. Maybe he thought he’d have a better chance against Edgar at 145-pounds… on his tippy toes.



Video highlights of the fight:

Penn announces retirement and explains why he had to fight one more time:


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