Conor McGregor 1The Irish phenom, Conor McGregor, has been the talk of the UFC since his debut fight in 2013. Dana White and the fans both love him, but some of the fighters feel differently about his brash personality.

McGregor has been involved in his fair share of Twitter spats. Once he went as far as to insult the whole Featherweight top 10. Love him or hate him, everyone wants to know about him.

McGregor is now slated to face Diego Brandao at UFC Fight Night in Dublin after a Cole Miller injury. Here are some of Conor McGregor’s stats! (All stats are from Fightmetric)

  • Strike Accuracy: 39% (UFC Only)
  • Strikes Avoided: 74% (UFC only)
  • Takedown Accuracy: 80% (UFC only)
  • Record: 14-2
  • KO/TKO victories: 12
  • Submission victories: 1 (Rear-Naked Choke)
  • Decision Victories: 1
  • KO/TKO losses: 0
  • Submission losses: 2 (Arm-triangle) (Kneebar)
  • Decision losses: 0
  • Combined record of opponents: 122-73 (All records obtained from
  • Facts about McGregor:
  • His two losses are by submission (Arm-triangle choke and Kneebar)
  • Is on a 10 fight win streak
  • Associated with SBG Ireland
  • Nickname is “Notorious”

McGregor has yet to face a top 10 opponent at Featherweight. However, if he can keep his win streak, and his mouth, going he could find himself in a top 10 bout in no time! Is Conor McGregor all hype? You look at the numbers and tell me!

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