EA Sports UFC demo now available for Xbox One and PS4

EA Sports Jon JonesMy pre-order for the EA Sports UFC video game is in (yes, I wanted the Bruce Lee character from day one), and the demo, which was released today, is downloading as I type this. The full game release date is June 17th, but until then I’ll be learning the ropes and reliving the Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson fight via the demo. The Xbox One demo size for EA Sports UFC is 2.77 GB, so it will take about 10-15 mins. or so to download depending on your connection… So what are you waiting for, go get that sh*t!

Check back and I’ll let you know how I like it.

That is all. Carry on.

UPDATE – 8:19 p.m. ET: After going through the tutorial and knocking out Gustafsson with Jones (see my video below) I can say this sh*t is pretty fun. The graphics are sick and those watching me play couldn’t get over how real it looked. The gameplay mechanics are definitely improved over the old UFC Undisputed games from THQ. I will say you’re not going to learn all the controls right away. It’s quite complex and every single button is made use of. The grappling especially is going to take some time, but me likey.


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  1. Maybe it is because I don’t have the controls memorized yet, but the controls seemed a little bit laggy. Maybe it’s just the characters you are given (hopefully Bruce Lee is lightening fast) or just have to tweak the options. Either way, think I will wait for reviews of the full game before I throw money at this one.

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