UFC just signed a guy with the most padded record we’ve ever seen

Fight a bunch of these and you too could possibly get a UFC contract!
Fight a bunch of these and you too could possibly get a UFC contract!

Twenty-six-year-old Californian Lightweight Dashon “Fly Boy” Johnson (9-0) has been signed by the UFC to take on fellow newcomer Jake Matthews (4-0) on June 28th at UFC Fight Night 43 in Aukland, New Zealand.

Both guys come in with perfect records, but once I started looking at just who Johnson had fought, and what their records were, I was quite surprised at what I found.

First of all, all nine of Johnson’s pro bouts were fought in the Xplode Fight Series organization in California. That got me curious, then when I clicked on each of his opponents, here’s what I found (from first to last):

  • Tommy Franklin (0-1) – Nov. 2012
  • Jordan Delano (0-11) – Jan. 2013
  • Kenneth Johnson (0-1) – March 2013
  • Randall Adams (0-1) – May 2013
  • Phelan Fleming (0-7) – June 2013
  • Kenny Kilgore (1-5) – July 2013
  • Brady Harrison (12-11) – Sept. 2013
  • Ray Carter (0-2) – Jan. 2014
  • Jordan Delano (0-11) – March 2014

Only two of his opponents have ever won a fight at all!!

According to Sherdog, Johnson fights out of Team Xplode MMA, and all of his bouts were in the Xplode Fight Series. These are owned by the same people. See what’s going on here? They also have a management company.

All eight of the opponents Johnson finished were in the first round.

Johnson’s most recent fight was in March of this year and he was matched against a guy who he’d already beaten a year earlier, who now had a 0-10 record — and Johnson was 8-0 this time around. What kind of matchmaking is this? What commission would even sanction this — oh wait, it looks like these fights take place on the San Pasqual Reservation… hmmm… this whole thing seems fishy.

Maybe Johnson is legit, he may very well be a world beater, but that can’t be determined from who he’s fought so far, and where he’s fought so far. Let’s be honest.

Are you surprised the UFC is signing guys like this, or is just about numbers on paper?

Go take a look at this Team Xplode MMA and the records of the opponents they fought when they fought in the Xplode Fight Series. You can make your own conclusions.


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