Is Patrick Cummins in Daniel Cormier’s head?

Daniel Cormier gives Patrick Cummins a warm welcome to the UFC. Notice how small the new light heavyweight Cormier looks. He’s smaller than Dana White even. — GIF courtesy @ZProphet_MMA

We’ve never really seen Daniel Cormier upset. His demeanor even when going into big fights always seems to be respectful and calm. That doesn’t appear to be the case against Patrick Cummins though, who Cormier will fight Saturday night in UFC 170‘s co-main event.

Cummins was called on short notice to fill in for an injured Rashad Evans. UFC President Dana White recalls when he told Cormier he had found an opponent, “I called Cormier and I told him, I got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is I got you a fight. You know this kid Cummins. He said, ‘Yeah, he’s going to take the fight?’ I said yeah, and the bad news is he said he made you cry in training.”

White went on to say he thinks Cormier is genuinely upset about Cummins talking about this publicly. “I think he’s embarrassed and I think he’s upset. So we’ll see what happens on Saturday. … Apparently in the wrestling world, what he did he broke like the man code. He broke the law of wrestling and all the guys who are wrestlers have said that to me, like you don’t do it. … Nobody wants someone walking around saying they made them cry.”

So the real question is, is Cummins inside Cormier’s head? Cormier’s body language and him shoving Cummins at the pre-fight press conference would suggest he is. Will it make any difference in the fight — will this be a detriment to Cormier when it comes time to throwdown, will he lose his cool in the cage? And if he does, can Cummins capitalize? Or, as one reporter asked Dana, is this possibly contrived to hype the bout? What do you think?

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