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“I wear every single chain, even when I’m in the house…” Jessica Aguilar pumping gas with her new shiny bling. Photo courtesy @jagatt

Chances are you’ve seen Jessica Aguilar sporting her World Series of Fighting (WSOF) belt. She’s been wearing it everywhere from backstage with Talib Kweli to having tea time with friends. Yes, it’s safe to say she doesn’t leave home without it.

“Nope, I actually have it on as I’m doing this interview. LOL,” Jessica said when asked if she has taken the belt off since her WSOF 8 win against Alida Gray.

Everything went as planned for that night according to “Jag” whose strategy was “to end the fight as quickly as possible.” “I saw an opportunity to do just that (end it quickly) and I went for it,” explains the first WSOF women’s champion. The win however, didn’t come as easy as the title shot itself, which is one of the reason’s Aguilar is so proud.

Imagine being the No. 1 ranked fighter in your division without a belt, or a promotion to call home. That was the case with Aguilar before Jan 18, and before signing with WSOF in December. She wouldn’t say if it feels any different being part of WSOF than with previous promotions but did comment, “Every organization is different.”

WSOF recently signed Ashlee Evans Smith as well. And if it’s up to “Jag” they may add another top WMMA fighter also. When asked who she would like to see added next to WSOF she responded, “Cyborg.” It’s obvious why she mentioned Cyborg, and it’s clear why WSOF would sign her, but for now that is just wishful thinking. Some of Cris Cyborg‘s 2014 plans were recently announced for INVICTA and Lion Fight Promotions.

I also asked the Champion to define the word “champion” and she answered, “Someone who never gives up on their dreams.”

Thank you Jessica for the interview, and yes I am smiling and believing.

“Jag’s” shout outs:

I’d like to thank my family and friends and my team American Top Team for the continuous love and support. WSOF for this platform. Also, a big thank you to all my sponsors; Tommie Copper, Garden of Life, Everlast, and Fuel Foods. And of course my fans…thank you! I couldn’t have made it this far alone.

Check out more pics of “Jag” in her WSOF bling on Instagram.


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