UFC on FOX Sports 1The following quotes and videos are from Wednesday’s UFC FIGHT NIGHT: ROCKHOLD VS. PHILIPPOU and FOX SPORTS LIVE on FOX SPORTS 1.

UFC on FOX Analyst Brian Stann on Luke Rockhold’s victory over Costas Philippou:“He’s a tremendous athlete. Once Luke saw the weakness in Philippou, he found the hole in the body and he delivered the liver shot. The liver shot is just devastating.”

UFC President Dana White on Rockhold’s victory: “Guys come in from other organizations and it takes some time to get their rhythm and he’s got his rhythm now. Luke is one of the top five in the world and he’s got some big fights ahead of him.”

Luke Rockhold on how he beat Philippou: “I was being patient and finding my timing. I landed the right hook and landed the kick. I love the liver kick.”

Rockhold on who he wants to fight next: “I came here to be the best. I want to be great, not good. I need to redeem myself and fight Vitor Belfort. There’s also Michael Bisping. A lot of guys call him out. He says he’s the unofficial Strikeforce champion. He calls it a joke, I call it poor taste.”

White on Georges St-Pierre comments about the UFC: “I’m shocked. When Georges St-Pierre said he wanted to do the extra drug testing, he wanted to do it to prove he’s not on drugs. I’ve heard he’s mad at me that I said I thought Johny Hendricks won the fight. Be a man and talk to me face-to-face. If GSP wants to talk to us like a man he can pick up the phone and call us. This came out of left field. The whole thing is shocking.”

White responding to GSP’s comments on if the UFC is a monopoly: “Viacom is our competitor and has a 40-billion dollar market cap. That’s our competitor. We’ll never be that big. There are a lot of other fight companies out there. Are we the best? Yes. But it’s far from a monopoly.”

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