Tecia Torres
“I think they will continue to produce amazing talent.” “There are still plenty of great 115 lb women to fill that division,” says Tecia Torres about the recent move of several Invicta strawweights; including herself, to the UFC. And though she’s leaving Invicta FC after just four bouts she’ll have to focus on her biggest challenges so far during TUF 20 in the names of of Joanne, Claudia, and Carla, as she calls them.

“I’ll miss being at the actual events, watching the ladies perform. We bring it!!”exclaims Torres about her departure from the all women’s MMA promotion.

Tecia, who has already beaten three of the recently signed The Ultimate Fighter 20 combatants is sure to be a top contender, whether any of them say it or not. And what she is saying is that whomever the UFC ends up choosing will be deserving of the spot, and there is no one in particular that she would like to see on the list. Are those just well spoken confident words from a fighter who is undefeated in her amatuer and professional career? Hard to say but statements like “I plan on going all the way to the belt. I will earn my spot and victory.”

Torres is an excellent striker holding an impressive kick boxing and muay thai record as well, which is a clear advantage in a sport where BJJ and wrestling is more popular.

. What’s not lacking in MMA is character, which Dana White recognizes and smartly chose most of the TUF ladies for that sole reason. Tecia understands the logic saying,” I do feel a few were chosen to complete the roster for personality and looks, but it’s for reality TV so I don’t blame them.”

Some things may not be certain yet with her new UFC contract such as the freedom to compete in other combat sports, but one thing is clear and that is for now a career other than fighting is no longer an option. “I finished my Bachelor’s Degree at age 20. Young enough for me to pursue my dreams and still have time to have a career,” she explains, adding, “I believe in following your dreams but education must come first.” Of course it depends on the individual’s situation according to the “Tiny Tornado” and for her the situation couldn’t get any better. Too bad those opposite of her for TUF 20 cannot say the same.


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  1. Such a strong fighter and level-headed young lady. You serve to inspire girls everywhere to reach for their dreams. Can’t wait to see you with UFC gold around your waist.

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