UFC 168: How do you view Chris Weidman’s two wins over Anderson Silva?

weidman-silva-168UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is young, undefeated, and the only fighter in MMA history with two TKO wins over MMA great Anderson Silva.

The general consensus was that the first win over Silva was a fluke as Silva taunted and toyed with Weidman throughout the fight until Weidman finally connected with a left hook that put Silva down. The second win was via TKO (injury) as Silva thew a leg kick that Weidman checked, which reportedly snapped Silva’s tibia and fibula and ended the fight.

How do you view Chris Weidman’s two career wins over Anderson Silva?

Do you put an asterick beside one or both wins?  Can Weidman move forward and be considered the legitimate middleweight champion under these circumstances?

Weidman appears to have the tools to be an elite fighter. He has good power in his strikes, wrestling, and is versed in submissions. However, the way both fights with Anderson Silva ended still leave a bit to be desired in determining how good Weidman really is at this point. We didn’t really learn anything from either fight between Silva and Weidman.

Weidman knocked Silva out in the first fight. Well, anyone can knockout another fighter if they leave they hands down and you connect with a solid punch.

The second fight one could say that Weidman won the first round relatively easily as he took Silva down and landed some decent ground and pound. Silva was pretty active from his back and did some damage from the bottom. However, we’ve seen other fighters take Silva down and do similar things only to be destroyed just minutes later. Silva seemed to be getting into a rhythm in the second round, and was becoming more offensive as the fight wore on. There was just not a definitive ending to the second fight.

What if Weidman threw the kick, Silva checked it, and Weidman’s leg snapped like that? Would you say that was a definitive win for Silva?

I wouldn’t. I’d like to hear your thoughts on Weidmans’ two wins over Silva.

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