kenny florian - ufc tonightThe following quotes are from tonight’s UFC 166 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 for UFC 166: VELASQUEZ VS. DOS SANTOS III. The show was hosted by Karyn Bryant, with UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian offering analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.

UFC 166 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 Analyst Chael Sonnen on UFC 166: “This was the single greatest night of mixed martial arts ever.”

UFC 166 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 Analyst Kenny Florian on how Velasquez beat Dos Santos: “Junior was so focused on defending the takedowns that Cain just kept opening up with combination after combination. Dos Santos used the cage for some extra help defending against the takedowns. But Junior wasn’t busy enough with his strikes. The output from Cain was too high. Junior tried to slow the pace, but he was just a step behind the whole fight.”

Florian on Velasquez fighting Fabricio Werdum next: “This is a very interesting style matchup. Cain likes to take his opponents to the ground, but he may not want to do that against Fabricio Werdum.”

Cain Velasquez on what was different this time fighting Junior Dos Santos: “We were expecting a tougher Junior this time. Sometimes he beat me to the punch and sometimes I beat him. He was tougher on the takedowns this time, too.”

Velasquez on changing his striking for this fight: “In the second fight, we saw when he was backing up, we were throwing wild shots and missing a lot. But we tried to shorten them up and make them more direct and land more, which worked.”

Velasquez on if he’ll fight Dos Santos again: “I think it’ll be done for a while. Maybe five years down the line, we’ll fight again, but not right now.”

UFC President Dana White on UFC 166: “I think that was the best card we’ve ever done, top to bottom. I can’t think of another that was better.”

White on the heavyweight title fight: “I think we’ve learned that Junior Dos Santos has the most unbelievable chin and heart I’ve ever seen. I think that fight should have been stopped in the third round. I believe the two best heavyweights in the world are Cain and Junior.”

Daniel Cormier on fighting Roy Nelson: “Roy was a little more passive in the fight, I think because of my wrestling. He was pretty good at defending my takedowns, so I had to mix it up and really use some high level wrestling. Once I got him down, he was really slippery.”

Cormier on if he wants to fight Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title next: “I’m always shooting for the top. I want to fight Jon Jones and I want to fight for the championship. But if it’s not him, then I want to fight someone who will get me there. But Jon Jones is fighting Glover next, and I didn’t want to disrespect him.”

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