alexander gustafsson-ufc fuel 9I feel like I have to do one of these posts after every major UFC PPV. The main event goes to the judges and fans gets outraged when the fighter they want to win doesn’t get a close judges decision.

The UFC 165 main event between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson was an instant classic as the +700 betting underdog Gustafsson gave the champ a run for his money. In fact, a lot of people thought he deserved to win the bout which is what I have a problem with after reading a ton of comments online.

You don’t deserve to win a fight, you either win it or you don’t.

I think some of it comes from Gustafsson being such a huge betting underdog and outperforming all expectations people had of him coming into the bout.

I scored the bout three rounds to two in favor of the champion. I scored rounds two, four, and five for the champion. Below is how the stats look via Fightmetric:

UFC 165-Fightmetric












It was clear that Gustafsson was the busier fighter when it comes to striking attempts, something I pointed out in this piece as I previewed the fight. However, Gustafsson wasn’t landing nearly as much as most people think as Jones blocked a lot of the strikes. This isn’t to take away from the performance of Gustafsson as I never though this fight was going to go to the judges, or that Gustafsson would be able to shut down the wrestling of Jones. However, after watching the fight for a second time it was clear to me that Jones won the fight. Now, we just need to see if they’ll do an immediate rematch between the two fighters.

Would you be interested in watching that or would you rather see Jones take on Glover Teixeira who the UFC had stated would be next?

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