MFC 38 ON SALE LIVE OCT 4 Edmonton CanadaLightweight Jonatas “Peixe Frito” Novaes is continuing forward in his pro fighting career with confidence as he prepares for his upcoming October 4th fight against Kurt Southern. His confidence comes from within as he awaits his fight against an opponent that he’s squashed once before.

That’s right, this fight happened once already as Novaes took Southern down with a submission in the form of an arm bar. For Novaes the second fight has already been fought and won in his head.  It’s going to be easy for him, “I could do this fight tomorrow with no effort, that’s how ready I am,” stated Novaes.  Training at Counterstrike MMA, Top Notch MMA and Team Brasa, Novaes has been practicing jiu-jitsu, Maui Tai and conditioning with a strong team behind him strengthening and him that much more for his fight.

Novaes is not happy about having to fight Southern again. He was expecting a better fight when he was told he would need to fight Southern again in order to get the title match he’s been waiting for set in February.  He wants this fight with Southern to be the title match he deserves. This is his job however and he knows he just needs to let that go and just go to work.  When asked why he thinks this fight will be another cake walk for him he gives me a sneak peek into how his brain works. Although Southern undoubtedly is a tough guy, he is very limited in what he can do in the ring. Novaes wants to prove to everyone that Southern does not deserve to be in the ring fighting him for the second time. He had his chance and lost. “I know I’m gonna win this fight!”

He’s ready for whatever is going to be thrown his way, stand-up or take down, it doesn’t matter. Novaes has already proven to the world that he’s not just a jiu-jitsu guy. He’s not all about one thing. “If you take me to the ground you’re gonna make it easy on me.  Want to fight stand-up? I’m gonna be trouble.”  As a fighter Novaes always puts on a good show, “Whether Jonatas is behind or ahead on the scorecards he has a very exciting and unorthodox game, combined with a dynamic personality.  As everyone saw in his last performance he can take a hit, fall behind on the scorecard, keep a smile on, and still pull off the submission of the night,” said Rick Mataleon, Novaes’ manager.

Novaes is one passionate fighter and his confidence is awe inspiring. That’s the guy you want to see up there in front of the masses, the guy that says there is no way you are beating me tonight. Where does the passion and drive to be the best come from? He loves fighting and he feeds off the pain, sweat and blood that are all part of the mechanism of a pro fighter. This isn’t about money. This is about striving to be recognized as being one of the best fighters this world has seen. “The feeling I get from being up there. I want to be the biggest in the world.” Do you doubt him?

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