The following quotes are from tonight’s UFC POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV for FOX UFC SATURDAY: JOHNSON VS. MORAGA. The show was hosted by Jon Anik, withBrian Stann and light heavyweight Chael Sonnen offering analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.


Quote of the show: Demetrious Johnson on if he was going for the finish in the fight: “I don’t think when I go out there. I’m just going out to fight. I’m an artist and the Octagon is my canvas. I just went for the armbar and was waiting for it to pop, then the ref said it was over and he had tapped!”


UFC POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Chael Sonnen on Demetrious Johnson’s victory over John Moraga: “If you want to move up in the pound-for-pound rankings, you’ve got to have fights like this. The takedowns set up all the threats. It was a record takedown night. Offensively, Johnson scored 11 takedowns. He only gave up one. Moraga, the wrestler, only got one takedown.”


UFC POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Brian Stann on Johnson’s victory: “The other thing I saw was the timing of the champion. How many guys go four rounds to none, and go for the victory in the final round? I saw a different attitude from DJ tonight. His timing was great. He looked like he wanted to finish this fight.”


Johnson on fighting a good wrestler: “It’s not a wrestling match, it’s a mixed martial arts fight and I try to mix things up and keep people guessing.”


Johnson on if it’s tough fighting in big fights: “This is my job. I’ve had big fights my whole career. I’m always fighting the best in the world. I’m training with the best coaches in the world. For me this is work and I’m providing for my family.”


Johnson on who he wants to fight next: “For me I’m all about taking on challenges. I think there’d be some good super fights with different weight classes in the lighter divisions.”


Stann on Rory MacDonald vs. Jake Ellenberger: “When you get two elite fighters there’s so much respect. The story here was MacDonald kept the distance with the jab.”


MacDonald on how he beat Ellenberger: “I did everything I have to do. I don’t really make a game plan, I react to what I see. Tonight I saw a power puncher who I kept on the outside with the jab and he wouldn’t engage me.”


MacDonald on if the boos affected how he fought in the fight: “It doesn’t change my outlook I’m focused on my target. At the end of the fight I got him on his back, which was a dangerous position. Another 30 seconds and I could have finished the fight.”


MacDonald on if he’d fight Georges St-Pierre: “I won’t fight Georges. We’ll come to an alternative if it comes to it. I want the belt by the time I’m 25. But I don’t want to fight Georges. I’d like to fight a top-10 or a top-5 fighter. I’d like to fight Carlos Condit again.”


UFC President Dana White on if people will stop saying negative things about Demetrious Johnson: “I haven’t heard negative stuff about DJ. If you’re saying anything negative about him, you’re an idiot. He did everything to dominate a wrestler, a guy with knockout power. He was leading in the fight going into the fifth round and could have cruised, and he takes a chance and goes for an armbar with a dangerous guy. You’ve got to respect him.”


White on if he was happy with MacDonald’s fight: “It was terrible fight. I think if you go out there and if you want to prove you’re one of the best, and your opponent tells you you’re not in the top 10 in the world, and then you don’t do anything to prove him wrong, it shows. Robbie Lawler went out and made an impression. I thought Jake Ellenberger did nothing at all. He tried to do nothing, and so Rory stood on the outside and did just enough to win, but he didn’t try to impose his will on Ellenberger or go for the finish or submit him.”


White on if Liz Carmouche earned a rematch with Ronda Rousey with the win: “She looked great tonight. I love Liz, but let’s slow down a little bit [on the rematch talk].”


Sonnen on Lawler defeating Bobby Voelker: “Robbie Lawler is like Vitor Belfort. He has nasty hands, and everyone is worried about them. Then he double crosses you and gets you with a big kick. This is turning into his coming back party.”


Carmouche on what her victory means: “I wanted to come back from the loss to Ronda and prove that I belonged here. I hope I’m the number-one contender now, but it’s up to Dana White and Rousey. I still want to fight for the title.”


Stann on Melvin Guillard’s victory over Mac Danzig: “The question going into this fight was which Guillard is going to go out there? Is it the focused guy who’s one of the best lightweights in the world or will it be the unfocused guy? His boxing was sharp and his power is always there. If this kid hits you you’re going goodnight. This was one of the most brutal finishes of the year so far. He’s been training in Denver and we see a different Melvin than we’ve seen in the past.”


Guillard on changes that contributed to his victory: “I give a lot of credit to my team, my wonderful coaches and teammates. My coaches got me back sharp with my boxing. I was in Denver for four months, I sacrificed a lot. I lost my grandmother last week, but little sister is about to have brain surgery that’s very critical. I had a lot going on in my mind, but I wanted to win this one for me. Nobody is going to take my job from me in the UFC, when I’m backed in to a corner, I’m going to do my best.”

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