Watch ‘Born Ready’ — a mini-documentary on four young Muay Thai champions from Philly

born readyOur old friend Jacob Klensin, the documentarian who traveled around to the different Muay Thai gyms in Thailand and shared his experiences with us through his Journey Through Thailand video blog series and The Figure of Fighting photographs, is back with “Born Ready” a new mini documentary series featuring four young Muay Thai fighters between the ages of 12 and 17 who train together at Sitan Gym in Philadelphia under trainer and accomplished fighter Rami Ibrahim.

Each of the four young fighters have already secured national and international titles. While child fighters in Thailand are extremely common and the subject of heavy attention, young fighters here in the States exist in much smaller numbers and are often overlooked.

With a wide array of material on the life of those fighters overseas, Jacob Klensin of 2.One.Fly Productions, and The Figure of Fighting, has gotten to know a few right here at home and introduces you to them in this series.

Trailer: Born Ready

The first episode features Rami’s nephew, Ahmad Ibrahim, who at the age of 17 has secured eight titles as he anxiously awaits the opportunity to go pro and compete on a higher level.

Born Ready – Part 1 – Ahmad Ibrahim

In the second installment of the series, viewers are introduced to 12-year-old Danny Diaz, “The Puerto Rican Dream,” who has now had five fights, including a TBA championship. Danny discusses what it is to be a young fighter and talks about his focus on achieving, learning and experiencing more than his peers in an effort to be more than just an average kid.

Born Ready – Part 2 – Danny Diaz “The Puerto Rican Dream”

Stay tuned to for parts 3 and 4. Follow Jacob Klensin on Twitter @JacobKlensin.

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