GSP and Nick Diaz go to war on UFC 158 conference call *Full Audio*

ufc 158 logoThe Ultimate Fighting Championship held a conference call for the media today to help promote the upcoming event, “UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz” scheduled for┬áSaturday, March 16 from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada.

The call started off like any normal call as UFC President Dana White announced the UFC 158 fighters on the line ready to answer questions. White announced UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, Carlos Condit, Johny Hendricks, Jake Ellenberger and Nate Marquardt were on the line — then said it was no surprise, but they were looking for Nick Diaz to join the call.

“Hello, hello,” Diaz said. He was on the call after all. Maybe that was a sign of things to come, because it wasn’t long before Diaz was talking about St-Pierre being pampered, having people powder his nose and run his Twitter for him. St-Pierre began firing back, telling Diaz that he was jealous of his success and that he’d worked hard for everything he’s achieved.

Long story short, it turned into an all out war between St-Pierre and Diaz, with St-Pierre uncharacteristically coming out of his mild-mannered pre-packaged pre-fight rhetoric. We have never seen St-Pierre like this. He truly dislikes Nick Diaz and one can only imagine if it was this heated on the phone, what it’s going to be like when these two square off on March 16.

Oh yeah, and Johny Hendricks, who many, including himself, believe to be the true No. 1 contender at welterweight, had to sit and listen to all this. He finally was asked a question or two after several minutes had passed. Carlos Condit also got one question. Nate Marquardt and Jake Ellenberger — well, supposedly they were on the call, but they may as well had not been.

Now kick back and listen as pure epicness invades your ear canal:

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