Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Wolfman Breakdown of Cub Swanson vs Dustin Poirier and the use of Calf Kicks!  Now in Part 2 we not only will be looking at the benefits here of being familiar with these kicks, but also look at the benefits of the two fake punch to kick attacks that Cub Swanson used in the fight with videos on how to do them.

Another video teaches another calf kick entry to punching combination and goes into countering Calf Kicks (Super Low Kicks or Calf Kick Sweeps) in much greater detail!  Also, I would like to point out before Liz Carmouche fights for Ronda Rousey’s UFC title this week, that Liz attempted 10 Super low kicks (missing 1, with 1 also being countered by a straight right) both to the inside and outside against Kaitlin Young at Invicta FC 2 in her last fight.  At Invicta FC 3 plenty of the women were using these attacks as well!

Ben Henderson used Calf Kick/Sweep on Nate Diaz
Michihiro Omigawa leg kicks Jason Young in UFC
Michihiro Omigawa used Calf Kick/Sweep on Jason Young

Now let’s look at the benefits of being used to Super Low Calf Kicks and able to counter them!

  • A Hard Super Low Check can potentially destroy the attacking shin.
  • If you do a Super Low Check going right into a 2,3,2 punching combination your opponent will likely be unprepared for the counter.
  • If you do a Super Low Check to the inside, you can counter with a rear leg kick.  If you check to the outside, you can fire that lead leg low kick back quickly.
  • If you lift the leg completely over the kick, or simply go loose defense and open up with the kick riding it’s energy, the attacking fighter will over-penetrate too far and be out of position for counter strikes or a clinch.
  • By training their use, your legs will become somewhat more conditioned physically to their use, as well as you becoming psychologically comfortable with being hit there.

Now let’s look at the benefits of using fake punches to kick combinations like Cub Swanson used against Poirier!

  • They are rare advanced techniques that fighters will not see as often, so they are much more likely to get hit with the kicks and not be able to counter.
  • The fake punches draw the eyes and defense to the wrong area and too soon.
  • They break the opponent’s rhythm as the kicks come at different beats behind the fake punches as opposed to real punches.
  • Mixing in Advanced MMA Techniques like I teach on my DVD’s turns what your opponent may think will be a trading kickboxing battle into an advanced MMA game of kinetic chess requiring more spatial intelligence and timing by your opponent as you attack with a broken rhythm.
  • It’s possible that by using Ranged attacks, Advanced Combinations, Tricky Setups, and Broken Rhythm attacks that you can out-strike a supposedly better striker or kickboxer.

These are the types of uncommon or unorthodox techniques that I try to push out there in the MMA community to constantly evolve the sport as best I can!  I share them on The Underground forum at MixedMartialArts.com where many fighters lurk, here at ProMMAnow.com, on Facebook with lots of fighters, and some fighters I share via email my Advanced Catch Wrestling DVD as well as other select videos that help their specific style.

My DVD’s are 2 Hr ($32) or 4 Hr/2 Disc packs ($35) full of information with helpful menus and a 10 Hr/5 Disk MMA Package is only $90.  Go to http://www.TheCombatSystem.com to check them out as well as some of my fights, grappling highlights, sparring footage, and TV/Film Stunt footage & Acting appearances.

Now, Watch these informative videos below and then don’t forget to refer back to Part 1 to ingrain this knowledge as self-knowledge you can train and use in sparring!

Guide to Calf Kick Counters and the outside Calf Kick to Overhand Punch combination!

Three live examples in sparring of the outside Calf Kick to Overhand Punch & potential Cross/Straight!

Live Drilling of the Outside Calf Kick to Overhand, Cross Combination and defense!

Learn the Fake Hook to Kick Combination Cub Swanson used (he used his to the calf)

Here is a video I filmed years ago of the similar Bas Rutten style technique to set up the Liver Kick!

Learn the Fake Overhand to Delayed Over The Top Dip High Kick Cub used many times on Dustin!

Live Drilling alternating the two tricky Fake Punch to Kick Setups Cub used!

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