MMA cutman David Maldonado at work. Photo courtesy

MMA fans often pay attention to fights closely, only to go get a beer or turn their focus away right when the fun begins for me. My name is David Maldonado and I’m a professional MMA cutman. I’m the guy you don’t pay attention to that the fighters actually depend most upon. First a bit about myself…

I have worked coast to coast with dozens of organizations, getting the pleasure of helping fighters achieve success and avoid greater injury using my formal training and skills. I get the best seat in the house at events, and I’m grateful to be a part of the inside view of the sport.

My hope is to answer questions you have and give you my insight and experiences that I gather along the way. I hope this will be as entertaining for you as it is for me to share with you.

What is a cutman? I’m the guy that goes in the cage or ring in between rounds to control swelling, manage cuts and assist the fighter in any other way possible within the rules. I’m also often seen “greasing” the fighters before they enter the cage (no, not the illegal kind of greasing).

It can be an exhausting job being on point ready to work for four straight hours but it is extremely rewarding. My job as MMA cutman is not a requirement by state commissions, but those who have used my talents would argue that it should be.

I live in Southern Indiana, originally a West Coast boy who has seen professional sports, high level collegiate competition and many other settings as an athletic trainer and sports physical therapist. We’ll talk about how those skills have helped me as a cutman in a future article.

My goal is to educate, dispel myths, share stories and keep you in the loop on the sport as well as events I attend. For now, contact me, be active, give me feedback and let me make this all it can be for you the reader. Look for me next week and we’ll get started!

Between Rounds” is a weekly column written by MMA cutman David Maldonado where he shares with readers his experiences and the intricate details and processes involved in his specialized field of training. Readers are encouraged to respond, interact and ask questions about the life and work of the MMA cutman. “Between Rounds” is part of‘s ongoing series of exclusive content written by individuals involved in the mixed martial arts industry.

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