Drunk idiot ruins party after slicing off friend’s nose with Samurai sword (VIDEO)

https://youtu.be/YD_bsDeZtY0 Watch this video then realize you’ve been to a party where this could happen. There’s always some guy who gets way too drunk, or just drunk enough to try and show off. Case in point, here we have an overweight white guy who wants to show off his Samurai sword skills that he learned … Read more

Between Rounds: Olympic goals

MMA cutman David Maldonado

I am very grateful to have been recently associated with multiple organizations trying to create criteria and standardization for a future goal of having MMA as an Olympic sport. It is obviously an exciting opportunity for me and of course for the future fighters that can participate.

Between Rounds: What’s a guy gotta do?

MMA cutman David Maldonado

The role of a cutman, though still shrouded in mystery and some confusion, is gaining progressive interest from many out there who want to be involved in the great sport of MMA but avoid getting punched. I must pause and say that last week I worked a show in Lexington, Ky. and almost did get punched trying to subdue a concussed and semi-conscious fighter who clocked the referee thinking he was his opponent. But I digress..

Coach’s blog – worst training injuries

If one of your testicles gets to be this size, you may want to go to the doctor.
If one of your testicles gets to be this size, you may want to go to the doctor.

Gym Date – 9.18.09

Our mission to decide what is the worst training injury. I think I win, but others may disagree. Here it goes…

While training in California I felt something like a groin pull while I was rolling. So when the round was up I went to the bathroom to take a leak. That’s when I looked down and saw that one of my balls was the size of an orange. So I walked out to the gym and told the guys what happened and one of the guys took me to the hospital.

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