UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was on The Heidi and Frank Show (95.5 KLOS) Thursday to talk about her upcoming UFC 157 main event bout with Liz Carmouche. Kick back for the next half hour and listen as the UFC’s first lady raps about her fight preparation, sex, relationships, diet, armbars, Cyborg and much more. Also, listeners call in to talk with the champ.

Although Carmouche is the first order of business on February 23, Rousey still hasn’t forgot about Cris Cyborg:

“I’d love to beat up Cyborg. She’s really got it coming more than anybody else. The girl cheated in a way it was almost like attempted manslaughter, you know what I mean? I mean if you cheat and then you try to hurt somebody with your bare hands, it’s just unsafe, it’s just wrong. It’s criminally negligent and that girl deserves the beating she’s going to get at some point. She can’t avoid me forever.”

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