This week it’s going down! Our first guest is a lady who has been around the sport since the very start. That’s right I said the very start. Kathy Long is a name some of you may not recognize but if you watched UFC 1, you heard her voice. Kathy provided commentary for UFC 1. You may be asking yourself what credentials would a women need to call the first UFC… How about being 18-1 as a professional kickboxer, a black belt in Aikido, an 8th degree black belt in Kung Fu San Soo, and this list could go on forever. We will talk to Kathy about how the sport has evolved and where she sees the future of the sport headed. Kathy has starred as Michelle Pfeiffer’s stunt double in Batman Returns, Kathy has also been inducted in to three Halls of Fame; Bob Elias’ Sports Hall of Fame, Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame (“Female of the Year”), and the Black Belt Magazine Black Belt Hall of Fame (1991 “Women of the Year”). Did I mention she made her Pro MMA debut in 2009 and won that as well. Kathy also owns and runs her own school. We have plenty to talk about Kathy with and my guess 30 minutes won’t be nearly enough time to get it done. Get ready for an amazing interview with a woman who has been around the sport since the start.


Our next guest is no stranger to bright lights and exciting fights and at UFC 155 against Brad Pickett it will be another one of those nights for Eddie Wineland. Eddie has been on the show plenty of times and never disappoints with his interviews. Eddie’s next fight at UFC 155 has fireworks written all over it. We will talk with Eddie about the momentum he has headed into this fight after knocking out Scott Jorgensen in his last fight and how he sees this fight ending against Pickett. My guess is it’s by another Knockout. We will talk to Eddie about how things are coming along with his bathroom remodel, his dogs (in case you didn’t know Eddie is a big Pit fan and I’m not talking about the College.) Being on the cover of Bully America magazine, and of course his goals for the year 2013. With Dom out of the title picture for a while with an injury it leaves the doors wide open for a lot of fighters to shoot for that top spot and something tells me Eddie will be gunning for all the guys at the top of the weight class. Get ready for Eddie Wineland and make sure to follow him on twitter @EddieWineland


You want a Bad Boy, well we got your Bad Boy. Leonard Garcia is stopping in to the shop and it’s been way too long. Leonard is set to get back into the octagon against Cody McKenzie at UFC 155. You know when the Bad Boy is up in the shop it’s bound to be an interview not to miss. We will talk to Leonard about what he has been up to since the last time he was on the show, as I’m sure he has a story or two from the ranch. We will also talk to Leonard about what this fight means to him and where he goes from here inside of the UFC. With this being the last fight of 2012 you know we have to talk to Leonard about his goals heading into 2013 and where he hopes to be at the close of next year. Leonard is a fan favorite and there is a reason for that, he has fought some of the biggest names in the sport and put on some amazing fights. We will discuss his career and what his favorite moments are to this point and if he could have any rematch who it would be with. Get ready for MMA’s original Bad Boy and make sure to follow Leonard on twitter @BadBoyGarcia


Our last guest is ready to make history! That’s right I said HISTORY! All you Lizbos better get ready cause the shop can’t hold her and neither can the jungle The GIRL-RILLA is back in the spot. Liz Carmouche is set to take on Ronda Rousey in the first match in UFC history for the ladies. Liz is a regular up in the shop and for good reason, she is one of the sports most exciting ladies. Liz didn’t get asked to fight Ronda she asked for it. That’s right closed mouths don’t get fed. Liz is hungry and is also riding a two fight win streak coming into the match. We will talk to Liz about asking for the biggest fight of her career, how she has prepared for a fight like this, how the name Lizbos came about for her fans, and so much more. All I know is that Liz knows what she got herself into with this fight and she also knows what to expect when she hits the barber shop doors. I can’t wait to talk to the Girl-rilla and 30 minutes is going to be hard to fit everything in. I hope you guys are ready because it looks like the ladies might steal this show like they were Ricky Henderson taking bases. Follow Liz on twitter at @IamGirlrilla and get ready for her to make history in more ways then one when she steps into the octagon.

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