That was the word from Ariel Helwani on the “UFC Tonight” show that airs on FUEL TV on Tuesday night. Anderson Silva could issue a challenge to Georges St. Pierre is he’s able to defeat Carlos Condit at UFC 154. The long talked about ‘superfight’ seems to be gaining a bit of traction, in particularly from the camp of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“There are a lot of interesting story lines unfolding going into UFC 154 and it just got more interesting. According to Anderson Silva’s manager, he will be going to Montreal and he will have a front row seat. When he was asked why he was going, he said maybe to call out GSP if he wins. Silva doesn’t really travel to many fights, especially if he is not fighting. I can see potential there for a great super fight between GSP and Silva if it all pans out.”

It makes sense in that Silva is looking for big money fights since he has pretty much cleaned out the entire middleweight division. There are a couple of credible challengers, but neither bring the name recognition to the table the way GSP does. GSP was arguably the biggest PPV draw in the UFC prior to the knee injury he sustained late last year. Of course, all of this would depend on GSP successfully defeating Carlos Condit at UFC 154. Also, would they pursue the fight still if GSP won a lackluster decision?

UFC 154 is set to take place on November 17th in Montreal, Canada. Stay tuned to ProMMAnow ( for more UFC 154 news and coverage.

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