SAN DIEGO — ( spoke with Strikeforce veteran and 2011 Abu Dhabi champion Andre Galvao following his match with Ryron Gracie at the Metamoris Pro Invitational last weekend at San Diego State University.

Galvao went for multiple submissions during the match, but after 20 minutes without a submission by either competitor and mainly a defensive posture shown by Gracie, the bout was declared a draw (see the match).

Galvao discussed with us Ryron Gracie’s strategy of primarily fighting to survive and his feeling that the Metamoris format favored Ryron’s style.

Be sure to check out our Metamoris post-fight interview with Ryron also, as he shares his thoughts on the match and explains what his goals and intentions were during the bout. There has been quite a bit of talk regarding which style of BJJ is best — fighting to win or fighting to survive. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Readers can learn more about Andre Galvao on his website at, follow him on Twitter at @Galvaobjj. To learn more about Metamoris visit or follow them on Twitter at @MetamorisPro.

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