Tick Tick Tick BOOM!!!! You should already know what that means… Yes, Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest is back at the shop and this girl is blowing up! Tiffany is set to step in the ring October 13th, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV for the leading Muay Thai promotion in the US, Lion Fight Promotions. Tiffany is one of the youngest and fastest rising stars in the sport at only 23 and in this fight she will take on a veteran and all around martial artist in Jeri Sitzes. This in my opinion will be fight of the night on this packed card. We will talk to Tiffany about her training for her upcoming battle, if she is still training for MMA, where her focus is with both sports, fighting for Lion Fight Promotions, and so much more. If you have ever caught Tiff in the Barber shop then you should already know it’s never a dull time. Make sure to follow Tiff on twitter @TiffTimebomb


Our next guest made his UFC debut on very short notice, but we aren’t having him on to talk about MMA, Ulysses “Useless” Gomez is stopping in to talk grappling. Speaking of grappling the man is stepping on the mat at ADCC and looking to take a neck or arm home with him along with a few wins. Useless is a beast on the mat and that’s why we figured it would be a good idea to have him on to break down the upcoming Metamoris BJJ event. I mean come on, you got Roger Gracie vs. Buchecha, Andre Galvao vs. Ryron Gracie, and five more super fights. It’s all submissions and it’s going down at Viejas Arena in San Diego, CA. We will talk to Uly about which fight he thinks will be the one to watch for sure and his match up that he thinks could be the one people are sleeping on the most. Get ready for a full thirty of ground game and grappling with a man who knows enough to carry it himself. Follow Ulysses on twitter @UselessGomez


BAMMA USA is ready to put on Badbeat 7 and if you didn’t know, one of California’s young up and comers is on the show. Nick “Nicky P” Piedmont is ready to scrap come Friday October 12, at the Commerce Casino. I know Nick’s nickname is “No Limit” but Nicky P just has a ring to it we can’t shake. What might get shook is his opponent come October 12. Nick is taking on Sevak ‘The Silverback’ Magakian and the experience might be in Sevak’s favor, but Nick has never worried about that. Nick has been training very hard for this fight from what I’ve heard and you know the man shows up ready to do damage when the bell rings. I mean look at his last fight where he put his opponent to sleep before the two minute mark of Round 1. We will of course talk to Nick about how training has been going down in sunny San Diego with his team at Alliance, how San Diego is treating him, and if the beach is a benefit or a distraction. I can’t wait to have Nick back on the show as it’s never been a bad interview and this time will be no different. If you are in the area get over to the Casino in Commerce and get ready for a show. But before you do that follow Nick on twitter @NickPiedmontMMA


It’s no secret that we love Bellator MMA here on the show, so why not end this stacked show with a man getting ready to step into the Bellator Cage on October 12. AJ Matthews is set to make his third fight in a row for Bellator, and the man is looking to make it a Hat-trick in the form of wins. Charlie Rader was on the recieving side of a viscous KO from AJ in his last fight, and I can only hope AJ plans to trump that win this time around. AJ is training out of Alliance and that means we have plenty to talk about. I can’t wait to get to know more about AJ from his time growing up and how he got in the sport, to breaking down his future as he is now 6-1. If you have ever watched AJ fight you can say the man has an intensity about him that is hard to match.I’m sure his opponents would co-sign on that statement as well. With four wins coming by way of TKO/KO, AJ is a fighter you don’t want to leave the room on during one of his fights. You know we have to talk to him about his submission game and if this could be the fight where we see him submit his opponent or if he’s cool with racking up another KO for the record. Phone lines are open all show and you know if you wanna talk to a man who could very well be a fight or two away from a title show hit us up. Add AJ to your twitter feed @AJ_MMA and watch out cause you never know when he’s going to land with his heavy hands, but something tells me that October 12 The BOOM is COMING!

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