HDNet becomes AXStv on July 2nd. First announced in January, the move will see Ryan Seacrest Media, Creative Artists Agency and AEG combine to re-brand the already successful network and add many more live concerts and behind the scenes access to live events.

There has been no announcement of any programming change pertaining to MMA. In relation to that, the new company has said that fan favorites HDNet Fights, Inside MMA and Dan Rather Reports, as well as select  non scripted series will continue as part of the agreement.

Mark Cuban, HDNet Co-Founder and Chairman, commented:

“I’m incredibly excited to be in business with AEG, Ryan Seacrest, and CAA. This is a major step on our way to offering more live programming than any other entertainment and lifestyle network. And our partnership with DISH to offer unique subscriber services will allow AXS TV to change the value proposition between networks, distributors, and subscribers. AXS TV will unquestionably be able to leverage our unique assets to do things no other network will be able to replicate.”

Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten have already been taking advantage of the new arrangement as Inside MMA has transitioned to a new studio in Los Angeles at the AEG owned LA Live Complex.

If you already have HDNet there is no need to fear, you and 35 million others will still have the network available as all existing carriers are expected to keep AXS TV.

Our friends at Xtreme Fighting Championships will showcase their first official AXStv televised fight card  on August 3rd  as XFC 19 will broadcast live from the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, N.C.

12 thoughts on “HDNet gone as AXS TV goes live July 2nd”
  1. So the first thing they did was remove “Smallville” from their programming?

  2. How the heck you remove Smallville but keep JAG. What kind of foolishness is that?

  3. Wtf happend to smallville I will no longer be watching this channel smallville was the only reason I watched it…this channel sux now

  4. i am very upset with the change and that my morning Smallville is gone…. i will not watch this channel anymore you too a good station and turned it to crap all in 24hrs way to go

  5. I’m a DirectTV subscriber and have been watching & DVRing Smallville for the last few months as I’m a new watcher. In other words, I I started watching the show when it began being broadcast by your channel. After reading the other comments about this issue, it seems I’m not the only person upset about this.

    As a loyal viewer, I request a straight answer regarding the status of Smallville on your channel. Will it return & if so, when?


  6. What the f@#$ is this? They will keep MMA, but not Girls Gone Wild, Guys Night Out Unrated, Get Out Unrated. Do they really think that guys like MMA, but not sexy topless women? Is this change is permanent, I am cancelling AXS tv,and replacing it with Playboy TV, etc.

  7. I also began watching Smallville on HDNet, my DVR is set!! July 1st…extreme disappointment. Why cancel the best show on the network? (in addition to “Drinking Made Easy”

  8. What the hell is wrong with Mark Cuban??? I want Get Out back. Who the hell wants to wanch a bunch of assholes beating on each other. You fucked up Cuban. You had a winner. Bring back Get Out and make it an hour long. Guys Night In was a winner.

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