Video: Matt Serra spends the day with Chael Sonnen

Former UFC welterweight champ Matt Serra, without Coach Ray Longo in tow, travels to Oregon to spend time with the UFC’s number one middleweight contender, Chael Sonnen. Serra pays a visit to Sonnen’s crib where he shows off his home gym complete with one very cool hi-tech training system. Next, Serra drops by “Mean Streets”, Sonnen’s Pizzeria, where he has a slice. Then it’s off to the world famous Team Quest training center where Chael is busy getting ready for his upcoming rematch with Anderson Silva set for July 7 at UFC 148 in Las Vegas (If you are into sports betting this fight is going to be tough to pick — so stay tuned for our staff picks and breakdown for UFC 148 before risking your hard-earned cash). Sonnen gets in some training and sparring with fellow UFC middleweight Yushin Okami, and as always, Chael’s mom is there to lend her support.