Roger Huerta suffers brutal soccer kick KO at ONE FC event (Video)

Former UFC lightweight contender Roger Huerta fought under the One FC banner this weekend and suffered one of the most brutal knockout losses you’ll ever see. Below you’ll see Zorobabel Moreira throw an obviously tired and worn down Huerta to the canvas and then soccer kick him in the head to put him away. See the .gif below:

The use of knees to the head of a downed opponent and soccer kicks are legal in foreign countries because there’s no athletic commission, but they are not allowed under the unified rules used by the UFC. The use of knees to the head of a grounded opponent and soccer kicks/stomps have always been debated by fans of the UFC with some wanting the rules change to implement them. However, there are some fans that oppose implementing these moves because they feel that they are too violent.

Would you support the implementation of soccer kicks/stomps in the UFC or do you like the rules the way they are? Feel free to state your opinion in the comments section.