Former UFC lightweight contender Roger Huerta fought under the One FC banner this weekend and suffered one of the most brutal knockout losses you’ll ever see. Below you’ll see Zorobabel Moreira throw an obviously tired and worn down Huerta to the canvas and then soccer kick him in the head to put him away. See the .gif below:

The use of knees to the head of a downed opponent and soccer kicks are legal in foreign countries because there’s no athletic commission, but they are not allowed under the unified rules used by the UFC. The use of knees to the head of a grounded opponent and soccer kicks/stomps have always been debated by fans of the UFC with some wanting the rules change to implement them. However, there are some fans that oppose implementing these moves because they feel that they are too violent.

Would you support the implementation of soccer kicks/stomps in the UFC or do you like the rules the way they are? Feel free to state your opinion in the comments section.

19 thoughts on “Roger Huerta suffers brutal soccer kick KO at ONE FC event (Video)”
  1. UFC Rules should be applied to One FC’s. Obviously it was brutal ,the ref should hv jumped in. like what the hell???!!! Was he dreaming or what? I feel really sorry for Huerta. I know that Zoro was just trying to win the fight but trying too hard to prove that “Hes Got It” by having no mercy at all is a BIG NO NO!! Learn your lesson,boy !

    Just seen the Huerta KO and it was horrible…. he was out already yet the guy decided to kick him straight in the mush… I don’t get why you’d do that to someone.. its not fighting. And i didn’t realise Aldo was involved in them type of rules – surprised he didnt kill smone.

    Funny thing is that One FC wants to become the “UFC of Asia” and take pride on the fact that only a minority of their fights go to decision. But to achieve that status they allow pretty much anything like soccer kicks, knees to head of a downed opponent, 12-6 elbows and so on. 

    It’s crazy to think that the guys who run that show actually think they will achieve UFC status when all that the UFC wants to do is get as far away as possible to the image One FC is building for themselves.

  2. Thats was cowardly. No need for that kick. Kicking someone while they are down is so low, unless you are fighting for your life.

  3. Guard yourself at all times, that is what the rules are all about isnt it? If you cant take it, tap out. If you prefer sanitized rules where fighters turtle when they get tired or place a finger on the floor when in a clinch go fight in UFC. Anyway if you guys think this is brutal, you should watch some Fedor fights where the opponent is clearly down and he pounces on them the punches their heads again the floor like a madman. As bad if not worst then the kick. DQ Fedor?

  4. I saw bring in soccer kicks and stomps to a downed opponent (and knees to the head of a downed opponent) and eliminate elbows to a downed opponent (they do more cutting than ko-ing)

  5. This is when it turns from sport to just brawling, pointless. Might as well ditch the gloves and have a bar or street fight. IMO of course.

  6. I love how amerikkkans post that “Kicking someone while they are down is so low” while they do the exact same thing by bombing weaker, smaller countries.

  7. seriously? im pretty sure none of the people complaining about this had anything to do with the govt. bombing “weaker smaller countries”. Having said that, Huerta knew the rules going into the fight so you can’t fault Zorobabel.

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