By: “Little” Patricia Vidonic

Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  A whole lot went on last week.  My toe is healing up, I’m just super glad it doesn’t hurt.  Last weekend at our gym, there was an Olympic lifting meet. Locals from around the area came to watch and compete.


Everyone competing did great. Thanks for getting out there, working hard, showing progress and having some fun! I was going to compete but I hurt my toe two days beforehand.  It was a lot of fun to watch, I used to compete in high school in Oregon.

I wanted to join the wrestling team, and they said no, so weight-lifting it was. I joined the after school club for Olympic weigh lifting, then I switched two  of my electives to personal conditioning (weights) and I loved it and being in the gym has been a passion for years.

Weights, softball, and school kept me focused. That, and pleasing my mom were what I was serious about.  I played other sports like volleyball and basketball for fun.

The Markster

Mark had another track meet and he jumped a 10-feet-7-inch long jump. Good job buddy!

Charity Raffle

Also, I started another charity raffle for a local organization where I live, called Kelker’s Kids. The tickets can be purchased on my website at for $5 each!  Kelker’s Kids helps children with cancer and blood diseases with funds for doctor appointments, medications, etc.

Dr. Kelker is the only pediatrician Oncologist in Montana. He is a great person and doctor. He works at the Billings Clinic with some of my other friends and he is also my son’s primary care physician. Did I mention, he is a riot? He totally gave me a hard time during Mark’s sports physical. Hilarious!

Team Vidonic

My teammates Ferg and Tyson are going to their first fights out of Montana. Chicago here they come this weekend! These are short notice fights that will take place May 12th with some experienced opponents.

That’s what’s so cool about how we do things; stepping up to a challenge is the only way TO challenge yourself.  We know there is a 50/50 chance every time we step into that cage.

We work hard in the gym, so you guys go out there do work, and show them what Team Vidonic is all about. Showcase not only your skills, but your sportsmanship. Your love and dedication to the sport is shown in professionalism.  Give 100 percent! I know you will make us proud, no matter the outcome.  Best wishes and godspeed boys, see you at the airport in the a.m. on Mom’s Day!

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo was full of good friends, food and fun.  Saw a Jen before work and brought her some coffee. Relaxed, made macaroons for Clint and Katie’s open house. They bought a beautiful historical house a block away from where we live.  It has some interesting history, so they wanted to share.  We brought them two skeleton keys for a gift.

We didn’t eat too much because some other great friends invited us out to dinner at a new restaurant, Rio Sabinos.  It was good, definitely different, not Mexican either.  I was full, it tasted good and we had awesome company.  Thanks Allan and Laurie for a fantastic evening, we will have to do it again!

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Sure hope everyone has a great week ~ If you have a particular subject that you would like me to write about, please contact me on my website.  I am also willing to do product reviews for companies, so hit me up if you are interested.

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A big thanks to my husband, who is also my coach and best friend. My teammates for working hard and representing the team.  Thanks to my gym 4th Avenue Dojo and Alternative Athletics.  Thanks to all of my wonderful sponsors ~ Polanti watches ~ ~ Super Body Care ~ Damage Control Mouthguards ~ A.C.E.S. ~ Solo Graphics for my banner!

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