SFL’s James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson talks Bobby Lashley and more

There are heavyweights in the world of MMA today and there are BIG heavyweights in the world of MMA today. James Thompson is one of them. There’s a reason why his nickname is “The Colossus”. Thompson stands at 6 ft. 5 inches tall and walks around at 310lbs. Thompson is for a lack of a better word, a freak of nature.

He has competed against the biggest names in MMA including, Alistair Overeem, Kimbo Slice, UFC Legend Dan Severn, Don Frye and The Giant Silva just to name a few. He is also no stranger to fighting on the big stages such as PRIDE, DREAM and The EliteXC and most recently, India’s upstart MMA promotion, The Super Fight League.

Thompson debuted at the SFL’s inaugural show facing the one and only (and we mean that in a very sarcastic way) Bob “The Beast” Sapp. While we could tell that Thompson was ready for a fight, it was obvious that Sapp was up to his old tricks and seemed to take a dive 3 minutes into the 1st round. Sapp cited a knee injury but we all know his old tricks. The main event was a disappointment to say the least even though it wasn’t the fault of Thompson in any way.

This coming Sunday, Thompson will be back in the SFL cage hoping to put up a real show for the MMA fans of India. He will be facing former WWE pro wrestler, Bobby Lashley. While having a history in the theatrical world of fake fighting, Lashley has been doing quite well in the MMA scene having a record of 7 wins and 1 loss. Thompson will definitely be the biggest challenge for Lashley ever in his young MMA career.

We managed to get an interview with James Thompson recently and got his thoughts on MMA in India, his last fight with Bob Sapp, his upcoming fight with Lashley and his weirdest fan encounter in India.

WDS: What is it like fighting for the SFL? How does it stack up to other promotions that you’ve fought for before?

JT: Really well, they have a good team that takes care of the fighters and they really want to put on good shows for the fans. You can’t really ask much more than that, so far… it’s all good.

WDS: Speaking of India, what is your opinion of the India MMA scene? How developed/ undeveloped is it?

JT: Like I mentioned, it’s pretty much nonexistent over there. The SFL are really starting at the beginning. That doesn’t mean the sport isn’t going to be massive. The Indian people seem to be very interested and curious about the sport. It will just take time.

WDS: In your last fight you faced Bob Sapp at the SFL1. The ending seemed very weird as Bob tapped out due to an unknown injury. Did the ending of the fight upset you? How did you want that fight to end?

JT: I did feel upset for the fans that watched and the SFL more than anything. It’s all about showcasing MMA to India and it all felt very anti climatic. The fight was booked way before Bob Sapp started taking loads of fights where he didn’t really seem to care about the results. It’s all in the past now, and there are loads of good fights to look forward to in the future.

WDS: Speaking of fights, your next opponent at SFL 3 will be former pro wrestler, Bobby Lashley. What are your thoughts on Lashley and his ability as a legitimate fighter?

JT: I think he’s a very strong explosive fighter, with a great wrestling background. Any time you have that combination then the guy is going to be tough.

WDS: How have you been training for this fight? What camp do you currently fight out of?

JT: I fight out of Olympians MMA gym in Bristol. I’ve been training flat out. I feel really ready and up for it and am looking forward to it

WDS: What in your opinion makes you a better fighter than Bobby Lashley?

JT: I think his style suits mine very well; I have good takedown defense and a wealth of experience which will be the difference.

WDS: You’ve been in the MMA scene for 9 years, fought some of the best fighters on the biggest stages in the world. What’s left in MMA for you? Where else do you want to take your career to?

JT: That is true, but I really don’t feel I have reached my maximum potential yet. I made a lot of mistakes but such is life. Now I feel invigorated and ready to push it to the next level

WDS: It’s no surprise that the people of India have a fascination of larger than life super heavyweights. With that being said, what’s the weirdest fan encounter in India you’ve experienced thus far?

JT: It has to be a guy that turned up with a massive snake wrapped around his neck. Not sure what kind it was as I didn’t want to get too close but he kept it on me for a photo. I didn’t want to be rude or show any fear so I manned up. I am still here to tell the tale!

WDS: Thank you so much James. All the best for your fight against Lashley.

JT: Thank you very much.

Do check James Thompson’s blog at www.colossalconcerns.com. It’s a pretty good read and you’ll get to see what goes on in the life of “The Colossus”. Also follow him on Facebook at the James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson fan page or on twitter @jcolossus.

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