Mixed martial arts-inspired apparel company RYU (Respect Your Universe) recently unleashed their new line of hoodies. They have several different styles including the RYU Full-Zip Fleece Hoody pictured above. The first word that came to my mind when I put this on is quality.

Someone might wonder what the big deal is about a hoody; why not purchase one of the solid color zip-up hoodies from Wal-Mart for less than $20? Sure, that’s an option if you just need to stay warm and you are on a limited budget. But RYU is not catering to that particular clientele.

Think of RYU as the BMW of MMA wear. Classy. Elegant. Quality. Style. Conscious.

From the embroidered RYU logo on the front, to the steel full-length double zipper down the front, the embroidered “Respect Your Universe” on the back, to the red hood lining, you realize when you put this RYU hoody on what it feels like to wrap yourself in style.

This RYU Hoody is perfect to wear as an outer layer with maybe just a T-Shirt underneath in cool weather, or wear a long sleeve shirt underneath in colder weather. It’s heavy duty and should work perfect for most people for anything above 50° F.

This RYU Hoody is made of 83% organic cotton/17% polyester. Weight is 400 grams (4.10 ounces). Suggested retail price: $138.

If you care about style, if you want to dress to impress and dress for success, while at the same time respecting your environment, then the RYU Hoody is for you.

See this RYU Hoody in different colors, read about RYU’s fabric technology and read more reviews of this hoody from customers on the RYU website (www.respectyouruniverse.com). Check out RYU’s full apparel line at https://shop.ryu.com/. Read about RYU’s philosophy.

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