Show 128 and the wheels keep turning, ain’t no brakes on this train!! This show is going to be one not to miss as we have on some tough as nail guys and of course we are bringing back the last half hour for you the fans with the MAD ONE himself!

Frank Lester

Our first guest is ready to talk about his upcoming fight with Gladiator Challenge and how it will be bombs away when he steps in the cage against Beau King on February 26 inside the Soboba Casino. Frank Lester is stopping in to have a seat in the chair at the shop and trust we got enough to talk about I don’t think 30 minutes is going to be enough.

We will talk of course about his time in the house during TUF, having his teeth knocked out during a fight (Dude is tough as nails and deserves the nickname Tank, cause he kept fighting). I always say only way to stop a Bradley is blow the tracks off it. We will of course talk his upcoming fight, what goes through a fighter’s head in the lead up and much more.

Lew Polley

Second to enter the shop for Show 127 is a man that has his own seat up in here Lew Polley is back. That’s right the Titan is back and you know that means its about to get real! Lew is back and I can’t wait to find out what’s new and pick Lew’s brain on a few things currently going on in the sport. Lew is back in Cali and training at Reign with a few other MONSTERS!

Mr. Polley has plenty to talk about from his new project to when we will see him back in the cage. I haven’t talked to Lew in a hot one so trust me folks there will be plenty of catching up and a look inside what the Titan is doing on the day to day to keep his steel sharpened. If you have ever heard any of the dozen Lew Polley interviews then you know that Lew isn’t Lew unless he’s in the shop! Tune in and I’m sure there will be talk about V-Necks, Smedium shirts, and more. Follow Lew on Twitter @LewPolley.

Jimmy Smith

Our last guest is a man who has no problem handling a microphone; you might recognize his voice from Bellator and being the man to lay things down while fighters are handling their business. That’s right we got Jimmy Smith stopping in to talk MMA, Bellator, and much more. Jimmy is the man that you have heard while watching Bellator as Mr. Smith is one of the men who have been responsible for calling the action.

You might also have seen him doing his thing on Fight Quest, if you really know your stuff you will also know Jimmy owns and runs Sweet Science MMA. Okay if that stuff wasn’t enough to take up 30 minutes then I quit, I got plenty to keep this guy talking about and can’t wait for you to all get a chance to listen. Phone lines will be open all show and if you have questions for Jimmy dial in. You can follow Jimmy on twitter @JimmySmithMMA.

Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

Alright back for a second week in a row we got the grab bag hour with the MAD ONE AKA Denny Hodge. That’s right we did it last week and we’re doing it agin. Y’all wanna talk MMA? You wanna talk the latest UFC or the upcoming Japan card? You wanna tell me I’m crazy for saying Cruz will beat Faber again? Well don’t just sit there get to dialing the call in number and let’s hear what you have to say.

Denny Hodge from will be stopping in to talk all the recent rumors, fight results, and more. Remember this hour is for you, so get on it dog gone it! Make sure to follow my boy Denny on twitter @ProMMAnowDenny and Pro MMA @ProMMA.

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