No people, they’re not looking at what you think they’re looking at.

ONE FC has their 2nd show in Jakarta, Indonesia tonight if you didn’t already know (if you didn’t know, what planet do you live on? Seriously). ONE FC 2 goes down Saturday 7:30 pm in Jakarta/Bangkok, 7:30 am EST, 4:30 am PST and will be streamed at The card has a total of ten fights. Prelims will be shown for free and the main card is available on pay per view USD 9.99.

We will be covering the event live and bringing the results to you hotter than a the joint that Nick Diaz smoked before fighting Carlos Condit. Yeah, that’s hot. We’re pretty psyched up for the main event where we’ll see Felipe Enomoto vs Ole “The Man Who Makes the Ladies Swoon” Laursen. Should be a great fight. We picked Ole to win but after Felipe wore that badass mask to the weigh-in, we’re reconsidering. Other matches to look out for will be Honorio “The Rock” Banario vs Bae Young Kwon and Rustam Khabilov vs Rodrigo “Ximbica” Ribeiro. Overall the card looks like it’s going to be awesome. Oh yeah, and if you’re an MMA newbie and you want to see a big scary dude, Bob Sapp is on it too.

So saddle up my Fight Nation and get ready for ONE FC 2: Battle of Heroes


The setup for the event looks similar to the one at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Nice touch with the entrance ramp and the portraits of the fighters on it. The only thing we’re wondering is, who are those people taking out photos in the cage? Well anyway, we’re going to start in a few minutes. There were some streaming problems earlier on but it seems to be better now. We’re waiting for the first fight to begin.

The event starts a bit late due to traffic conditions and the arena wasn’t filled up. It starts off with the lights going off and what is a VERY cool intro video, I believe it’s the one from Middleeasy. Wicked stuff. Steve Dawson and Jason Chambers are doing the commentary. The sucky ring announcer is GONE! Mark Richmond is now the new ring announcer. Nice choice ONE FC. Fighters are coming out to the main stage to pose ala Pride style.

The Undercard is on the way…

One FC 2 quick results:


  • Felipe Enomoto def. Ole Laursen via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Rd 2 (3:49)
  • Bae Young Kwon def. Honorio Banario via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Rd 1 (0:56)
  • Rustam Khabilov def. Rodrigo Ribeiro via Unanimous Decision
  • Gustavo Falciroli def. Chul Kim via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Rd 1 (1:12)
  • Rolles Gracie def. Bob Sapp via Submission (Strikes) in Rd 1 (1:18)


  •  Victorio Senduk def. Raymond Tiew via TKO (Knee Injury) in Rd 1 (4:02)
  •  Geje Eustaquio def. Alex Silva via Unanimous Decision
  • Irshaad Sayed def. Jessie Rafols via KO in Rd (1:49)
  • Peter Davis def.Ngabdi Mulyadi via Submission (Triangle Choke) in Rd 3 (3:54)
  • Zuli Silawanto def. Agus Nanang via TKO in Rd 1 (0:47)

One FC 2 play-by-play:


Zuli Silawanto vs. Agus Nanang

Round 1: Matt Humes is the referee for this fight. Agus throws the first kick. Agus gets aggressive, pushes forward and holds Zuli against the cage. Zulis is throwing punches wildly. This is a fight! Zuli drops Agus, mounts him and pounds him out. Matt Humes pulls him off and ends the fight. Quick but exciting fight. The crowd is going nuts!

Winner by TKO: Zuli Silawanto (TKO, Round 1)

That was a fast one. Mark Richmond is doing a good job but really he needs a new haircut.

Ngabdi Mulyadi vs. Peter Davis

Round 1: Davis is so much taller than Ngabdi. The match starts with both guys sizing each other up. Davis keeps losing his balance with his kicks, might be testing his range. Ngabdi looks more comfortable and relaxed. Ngabdi tries for a take down then pushes Davies against the cage. He’s working some hard knees on Davis. Ngabdi gets the take down! He’s trying to pass Davis’s gaurd but is unsuccessful. Ngabdi has a strange side choke on Davis. Doesn’t look like a tight choke though. Davis gets on a guillotine after escaping and standing up. Ngabdi gets out of it and pushes Davis against the cage. He gets a huge slam on Davis and tries to work some ground and pound. The round ends with Ngabdi on top. Nice first round for Ngabdi.

Round 2: Davis is using his lead hand to measure the distance. Davis is crouching which might be taking away his longer reach. Both guys are cautious unlike the first match. Ngabdi gets a good jab and pushes Davies against the cage. Ngabdi is really using the cage in this fight. Both guys are trying to work knees on each other. Both man are against the cage and referee breaks them up. Davis seems to be finding his range landing a kick and a jab. Ngabdi gets caught and drops hard. Davis quickly mounts him and lands a hard knee on Ngabdi. Ngabdi recovers and now is in Davis’s gaurd. Ngabdi is on top now after his quick recovery. Both are on the ground now fighting for position. Ngabdi seems to be stronger on the ground. Round 2 is over and we’re going to the 3rd round. Both fighters still look fresh. Great cardio by both guys.

Round 3: Round starts like the first 2 rounds. Ngabdi tries for a double leg but isn’t successful. Back up against the cage again. Davis keeps getting into position for a guillotine but he seems to not make use of it. Ngabdi is doing a good job at controlling Davies despite him being the smaller guy. Referee breaks them up against the cage again. Nice job. Ngabdi tries another take down but gets a hard knee while doing it. He pushes through and gets the takedown. He’s in Davis’s gaurd again in a dominant position. Davis finds an opening and puts on a triangle. It’s on tight and Ngabdi taps out! This is so Anderson Silva-esque!

Winner by Submission: Peter Davis (Triangle Choke, Round 3)

Irshaad Sayed vs. Jessie Rafols

Round 1: Can’t really say much about how this started because the stream is not working for me here. Sorry people. All we know is that both started swinging for the fences and Sayed knocks Rafols out with a hard body shot. Can’t tell you more because the stream kept breaking up.

Winner by KO: Irshaad Sayed by TKO

That was very disappointing because we missed the whole match due to the stream breaking. Damn, I should have flown to Indonesia. By the way, the ring girls are cute. Especially the one with the curly hair wearing those booty shorts.

Alex Silva vs. Geje Eustaquio

Round 1: Both guys start off aggressive throwing punches and elbows. Alex takes Geje down and they grapple on the ground. Alex is badly cut and the match is stopped for the doctor to do a check. It seems like the cut was due to a few punches on the ground. It’s hard to follow the action because the stream is breaking up again. The match is restarted. Alex takes down Geje but it’s reversed. Geje tries to stand up and is landing some punches. Alex holds onto a leg and takes Geje down. Alex has Geje’s back and is trying for a rear naked choke. Geje is doing a great job at defending but there’s still 1 minute left on the clock. Alex is bleeding very badly. Alex doesn’t get the choke in and the round ends.

Round 2: Alex gets Geje down and Alex is in Geje’s guard. Alex eats some hard elbows from Geje. Alex passes Geje’s gaurd and gets side control. Most of this round’s been a grappling battle. Alex is having no problem in passing Geje’s guard. Nice control by Alex. Silva controls most of the match on the ground. Round ends and they go to the 3rd.

Round 3: Most of this round has been a stand up war. Alex tries a take down but almost gets kicked in the head. Scary stuff. The fight remains standing with Geje being more comfortable. Geje lands a hard kick that we can hear! Geje is really looking good with his standup. Alex tries a takedown but Geje is not giving in. The round ends.

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Geje Eustaquio

Pretty good match but one thing we’re wondering, who was that hot chick who went into the cage to congratulate Geje? Can you get her to come to Singapore for the next ONE FC event? Damn she looked good. The next match is between Senduk and Tiew. There’s even a promo video for this. Damn, this Senduk dude is a big thing in Indonesia eh? He must be like Nick Diaz in the 209. Anyway, here we go.

Victorio Senduk vs. Raymond Tiew

Round 1: Senduk is pushing forward taking the center of the cage. Raymond takes Senduk down and assumes side control. Raymond full mounts Senduk and is landing some nice shots. Raymond’s impressive! Raymond is landing some effective ground and pound on Senduk. Senduk gets an ankle and he’s trying an ankle lock. It seems to be a deep lock but Raymond is not tapping. Raymond escapes and they stand! Senduk takes Raymond down. Raymond looks injured and he’s grimacing. This one might be over soon. Senduk assumes side control and is dropping some bombs. They stand and Raymond gets kicked and he drops. It seems like Raymond is injured as he’s holding his knee. The match is stopped and Senduk is declared the winner!

The best thing about this match? THE STREAM IS PERFECT! Anyway, exciting match.

Winner by TKO: Victorio Senduk (Round 1)

Alright peeps, that’s it for the prelims. Pretty exciting matches with some exciting finishes. Now we’re going to take a break, take a p*ss and drink some beer. We’ll be back in 15 minutes.

And we are BACK! Main card is up next! Gracie vs Sapp up next. Nice promo video for both guys. Bob Sapp comes out with a Ric Flair intro! He looks ready. Hopefully he is. This dude really knows how to work the crowd. The Sapp/ Gracie fight is going to be a super heavyweight fight.


Rolles Gracie vs Bob Sapp

Round 1: Bob Sapp gets taken down and he is getting pounded. Sapp has an ankle. Rolles escaps and gets side control. Rolles is just pounding at Sapp. Sapp seems to be doing nothing but covering up. This is going to end soon. Referee stops the fight and Rolles wins by TKO. A real walk in the park for Gracie. Looks like Sapp just showed up to earn the paycheck.

Winner by Submission: Rolles Gracie (tap due to strikes, round 1)

Gustavo Falciroli vs Soo Chul Kim

Round 1: Kim shoots early in the fight but is unsuccessful. Kim throws a punch and Gustavo takes him down. Gustavo takes his back and gets a quick rear naked choke. Kim taps out. Quick fight for the Aussie veteran.

Winner by Submission: Gustavo Falciroli (rear naked choke, round 1)

Damn that was a fast one but hey, WE TOLD YOU SO. Experience won. Right now, it’s the big one, Ximbica going one on one with Rustam Khabilov. Ximbica is coming out to Enter Sandman from Metallica, NAISE!

Rustam Khabilov vs Rodrigo “Ximbica” Ribeiro

Round 1: Both men are measuring each other. Khabilov throws a fast one-two and seems faster than Ximbica. Khabilov looks very like on his feet. Khabilov lands and overhand right and Ximbica drops but recovers immediately. Khabilov goes into Ximbica’s guard. Khabilov looks aggressive on the ground while Ximbica looks comfortable on his back. So far Khabilov is providing most of the offense. Khabilov is controlling Ximbica on the ground. Khabilov seems to be bleeding. Khabilov stands up and dives into Ximbica’s gaurd, landing a punch. Khabilov keeps standing up and diving in with strong punches. We later realize that Ximbica is the one who’s bleeding.

Round 2: Ximbica tries to go early for the takedown early in the 2nd. He doesn’t get it and they’re standing now. Not much action standing up. They fight against the cage and Khabilov pulls off a beautiful belly to back suplex. Khabilov is in control again and is landing some heavy hands on Ximbica. He stand ups and throws some punches while standing and kicks too. The pace is being dictated by the Russian. Khabilov gets a front head lock and a hard knee to the head. OUCH! Khabilov maintains control from the side and he is landing a flurry of punches. It might end soon but Ximbica is fighting back with up kicks! This is a fight! The bells sounds and we go to round 3. We give that round to Khabilov.

Round 3: Ximbica looks to be in good spirits and is even flexing! LOL! Awesome dude! Khabilov takes him down and assumes control on the ground. Referee stands them up after nothing happens on the ground. Ximbica pulls guard and it doesn’t seem to be working for him. Ximbica needs to pull a Hail Mary and go for broke. Khabilov continues to control the fight. Ximbica is trying for an armbar but sweat seems to prevent him from getting it. Referee stands them up. Khabilov takes Ximbica again and 30 secs is left on the clock. Khabilov maintains control till the bell sounds. We’re going to decision. Highly likely it’s going to be a 30-27 decision in favor of the Russian.

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Rustam Khabilov

Next fight’s going to be an exciting fight. This is our main event! It’s Honorio “The Rock” Banario vs Bae Young Kwon.

Honorio “The Rock” Banario vs Bae Young Kwon

Round 1: Both guys look light on the feet. Kwon explodes and gets caught. He recovers and as Banario is coming in for a punch Kwon takes his back QUICK! He chokes Banario out in record time! WOW! IMPRESSIVE! The match lasted 56 seconds!!

Winner by Submission: Bae Young Kwon (rear naked choke, round 1)

Damn! That was fast! Kwon looked really impressive with that quick submission. Really disappointed with Banario’s performance. We honestly think he can and will do better than that. Oh well. We’re on with the main event with Ole vs Felipe. Felipe comes out looking gangsta with hip hop and his badass mask. I can see someone’s going the 209. Ole is coming out to another cool hip hop song. Heard that he had a horrible weight cut. He kinda looks sick actually. Let’s see if it affects his stamina in this fight. Heard he had to get naked to make weight. Ladies, you can drool now.

Ok, let’s go peeps!

Ole Laursen vs Felipe Enomoto

Round 1: They both start swinging for the fences. Ole is landing some hard punches. He’s punching so hard he almost fell down while punching. Oh yeah this fight is brought to you by Carl Jr. Ole punches Felipe and knocks him down. The fight goes to the grown. Ole is in control and now… feed is dead.

Alright, we’re back! Ole is still in control and tries a rear naked choke. Felipe gets control and ends the fight standing up above Ole who’s on the ground. The first round was fought at a frantic pace.

Round 2: Round 2 starts like round 1, the 2 are standing and banging, HARD. Ole is putting together some great combinations. Felipe is getting sucked into Ole’s gameplan. Ole is throwing hard kicks and Felipe is not checking them. How much longer can Felipe take it? Felipe tells the ref that he got poked in the eye. He takes a time out. They restart. Felipe is landing some hard punches. Ole is firing back and he’s smiling! This dude is hardcore! Felipe is throwing some nice jabs. Felipe is unloading but Ole is just smiling! This is a fight ppl! These 2 guys are punching the hell out of each other. Felipe rocked Ole with a left kick. Ole drops and Felipe takes his back! He gets a rear naked choke and has it deep! Ole TAPS! Felipe wins!

Winner by Submission: Felipe Enomoto (rear naked choke, round 2)

So there you have it Nation, ONE FC2 is over and in the history books. Great night of fights and it served a whole lot of fun for everyone. I have to admit, the streaming for the under card drove me crazy at some points but hey, we honestly don’t know what caused it. Overall, presentation for the event was cool and we loved the camera work. Mark Richmond as the ring announcer was an excellent choice BUT please Mark, get a new haircut. You hair cut looks like a weed whacker accident.

All in all, it was a great event for the young upstart promotion and it can only get better from here. Thanks for following us everyone and we hope you enjoyed our coverage of the event. Sorry about the spelling errors here and there while we were covering during the event. Blame it on the beer. Till next time, have a great night and stay sexy.

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