Ryan Bigler is a highly touted welterweight from Guam. With numerous submission grappling medals under his belt and an 8-2 MMA record, Bigler is certainly a rising MMA star in the Pacific region. Bigler spared a minute to share a couple of thoughts about his upcoming fight with TUF veteran Dorian Price at Pacific Xtreme Combat 29 in the Philippines.

You will be fighting Dorian Price on Feb 18th. What was your first reaction to finding out that you would fight a TUF veteran?

My first reaction was “hell yeah!” This is the kind of fight I want. I’ve been actively trying to enhance my career and push myself. This will prove whether or not I can compete at that level. I need that kind of challenge so when they gave me the opportunity, I jumped at it. I know it’s a big fight for me and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Have you studied any footage of him? What is your primary analysis of his strengths and weaknesses?

I think he has a pretty decent stand up game. But this is a MMA fight, so he’s going to need a little more than that to walk away with the win. I have seen very little footage of his grappling and wrestling and I am confident in my submission and wrestling skills so, we are just going to have to see come fight night.

The welterweight division is ripe with competition. Fighters like Lim Hyun Gyu, Ferrid Kheder and Price are all gunning for a chance at a belt at that weight. How do you think you size up against Dorian and the rest of the division?

I’m a very confident individual and nothing stirs me. I can’t say I’m any better or any less than them, all I can say is we are all very hungry to be champions. And I’m hungry to see where I stand with them. I don’t walk into any fight expecting to lose – I expect to win every fight. And I’m sure they expect the same thing too. I’m confident in my cage experience, my wrestling and submission pedigree and my striking. I have a solid build for welterweight so I know I possess all the tools necessary to be a certified threat in the division.

This is your first fight in the Philippines, are you anxious about the experience?

Knowing that this fight is going to be televised and seen by many viewers, it helps motivate me to prepare as best I can. This is a huge opportunity for me to showcase my skills to the rest of the world so they can see what Guam fighters are all about and also to build my stock as a future asset. I recognize that not everyone can be in the position that I am in, so I am going to leave it all on the line and ensure that I have no regrets. It will be a little different fighting away from the Guam crowd, but I’m sure once the Philippine fans see my never-give-up attitude and my all around versatility both on the feet and on the ground, they will be cheering for me as one of their own.

I really want to cement my place as one of the top welterweights out there. People on Guam have known it for a long time, and I owe it to them as well as myself to showcase that to the rest of the world.

Special thanks to people from Guam Sports Network for providing us with this interview. Check out the full PXC 29 fight card and learn more about Pacific Xtreme Combat on their website at www.pacificxtremecombat.com.

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