TMT Partners With Kentucky’s Largest MMA Promotion

Tiger Muay Thai’s vision of bringing authentic Muay Thai training to the rest of the world is moving one step closer to fruition with an exciting collaboration between Spartan Fighting Championship (SFC) in Kentucky and TMT.

“What makes this special is that Southeast Asia’s number one Muay Thai training camp will be teaming up with Kentucky’s number one promoter to offer people a real glimpse inside Muay Thai as a combat sport,” explains TMT owner William McNamara, whose camp has run a litany of training camps for various professional MMA fighters including Brian Ebersole, Paul Daley, and Jake Shields.
“It was quite easy to identify what is considered to be the best promotion of MMA events in Kentucky with SFC.”

Although only two years old, SFC has already made a major impact on the MMA scene by pushing itself into the top 10 per cent of MMA promotions within the United States. It has held eleven events and has expanded into Ohio with its eye now on West Virginia and Tennessee.

“Owner Terry Callihan runs a tight ship and an organized event that puts quality fighters on the mat. TMT will provide an entirely new level of training for MMA fighters in this region by bringing in some of TMT and Thailand’s best trainers and fighters.”

McNamara goes on to say that this will be a great opportunity to showcase Thai culture as it relates to Muay Thai and that it will allow for Tiger fighters to get exposure in the US by training, fighting and running seminars.

Callihan agrees, saying it’s an exciting prospect that will allow for a dynamic partnership. “The opportunity to work with Tiger Muay Thai is a huge compliment. I am very humbled at the chance, and look forward to the cross-promotion. William and I have a lot of the same business ideas, values and structures within our organizations. I feel like TMT partnering up with SFC is meant to be.”

Although he’s created a promotion that puts more fans in seats than any other in the area, Callihan remains extremely humble saying his organization’s rapid growth can be summed up in a very simple philosophy.

“What it comes down to is that we have a ‘fighters first, fans only’ mindset. We take care of our fighters and treat them as the professionals they are. We try to treat everyone with a high level of respect.”

The partnership is still in the infancy stages, but both parties agree that the future is bright.
“Our ideas are growing and growing,” says an excited Callihan. “TMT and SFC have a great chemistry. With such similar ideas and goals, nothing can stop us.”

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